Towards The End Subrahmanya

Subrahmanya,Hindu God. Image

I had the unpleasant task of visiting my elder brother , 86, who was hospitalised for a Fall.

Unpleasant because , to see one who had been vigorous, fiercely independent and forever dynamic bedridden depending on others for basic functions.

To see human beings dependant on others is pathetic.

And the blind trust one has to have on others on such situations.

One is proud, independant, does not bother others or bothers about others when one is healthy and/or young.

When one falls sick or advances in age when one can not even command his senses, pitiable.

People might have money, contacts.

Yet one needs people at these times.

One must also remember that those who assist, be it children or friends, that they have their commitments, offices/businesses to attend to, families to look after……

As one lies helplessly, awaiting others to come to help….

Humiliating and painful.

Yet you can do nothing.

If the disease is severe and chances of revival are remote, horrible!

One can not choose his time of Death.

What does one need towards the end of his life?


He should not lie sick,

He should not have self reproach and the

End should be swift and painless.

.நோயுற்று அடராமல் நொந்து மனம் வாடாமல் பாயிற் கிடவாமல் பாவியேன் காயத் தை ஓர் நொடிக்குள் நீக்கி என்னை ஒன் போருர் ஐயா நின் சீரடிக்கீழ் வைப்பாய் தெரிந்து’

‘சென்னை போரூர் பா மாலையில் தவத்திரு சிதம்பர சுவாமிகள் தி ருவாய் மலர்ந்து அருளியது.

Addressed to Lord Subrahmanya at Porur.

Let me be not struck by disease,

Nor do I suffer by Self reproach,

Ensure Lord Subrahmanya that You ensure I attain Your Feet swiftly, without pain.

-Chidambara Swamigal, Porur Paamaalai.

6 responses to “Towards The End Subrahmanya”

  1. Dear Mr. Ramani,
    What great writing and an expression you have given out regarding the old age and dying. This reminds me of my Dear Mother who was bed ridden for several months before her death I was in such a state and unable to help her during that stage. It always reminds me to start a old age home in my village and care the needy during their last days.
    Thanks lot for such a wonder way expression about old age and health and charity.
    P. Palanichamy


  2. Respected Sir… As yourself I had also came across many such incidents..Last year my sister’s husband simply fell down in the ground floor itself after his blanket encircles his leg which was not known by him. His thigh bone cracks in multiples @ 75 yrs. Operation some what success but after 40 days battle He left to His Lotus feet. He never hurts any one never lie.
    always help to others…! Including milk vender and other day today sellers never count the money given by him. They all knew his trustworthiness..! And thinking always to do best to others. At any cast he starts his routine work by 4.30 am. even in winter never took bath in warm water Did all the work in timely manner.Till his fracture he never uses tablets etc.No aged health problem.. Then how the fate come ..? As our dharma said,, He is the supereme e are acting by His Wish…!
    I sincerely Pray for your bros Health. Thank you Sie… With Humble submission… Padmanabhan Chennai 41


  3. You are right sir! The following sloka says the same as you also know.

    Anayasena maranam
    Vinadainyena jeevanam
    Dehi me kripaya shambho,
    Twayi bhaktim achanchalam.


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