Vedas Complied In The Arctic Why How By Whom ? Part 1

I have stated in many of my articles that the Vedas were Revealed/composed in the area what we call Arctic now.

I have made passing references to this point.

Jambudweepa, landmass of the Earth as explained in the Puranas. Note the change from present Landmass

As many wanted a detailed article, I am elaborating on why Arctic could have been the home of the Vedic people,why the Vedas could not have been written in the present India and who the people were who composed,rather compiled the Vedas.

As to the people who composed it can remain a hypothesis unless one is a Realized soul to have Truth revealed.

I am attempting with my limited knowledge and the inadequate tool called Logic to explain the issue.

Why the Vedas could not have been from the present Indian landmass?

1.The Vedas refer repeatedly to long periods of day long periods of night.

They had composed Hymns on Ushas,on Dawn and on Night,Ratri Suktha.

They also speak of days in yet another context ,extending for 60 Nazhigais,which corresponds to our normal day.

If only normal day and night duration was only the time scale,why the obsession and necessity of composing these Sukthas?

Long nights propel one to yearn for Dawn and Long nights vice versa.

And the Veda speaks of Devayana and Pitruyana, the Pitru yana, the former denoting the Devas,Divine beings,the latter the deceased ancestors.

Ayana means Path as in Dakshinayana or Uttarayana,the movement of

Sun from North to South and from South to North.

Ayana may also indicate Time scale as movement is related to Time.

The referral points they take for this movement of the Sun are the,Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn,both related closely to the Poles.

2. The Uttarayana, movement to North period is considered auspicious, because the warmth reaches Arctic during this period.

3.When the Indian texts speak of Bharatavarsha, they do not mean India.

They refer to India as Bharata Kanda.

For such an advanced thinkers  as the Vedic people ,using two terms for the same land is unthinkable.

Please read my article Bharatavarsha is not India.

Bharatavarsha encopmpassed a larger mass and Bharata Kanda,ruled by Bharata , is only a part.

4. When one checks the Vedic and Puranic Texts, one does not find specific Hymns on Patriotism or reference to a single country.

The refrain has been Swadeso Bhuvanathrayam, All the Three worlds are mine.

Benediction is not for a country, but Sarve Janaas Sukino Bhavanthu, May All be Happy or Hymn seeking welfare of beings animate and inanimate.

Please read my article Sanatana Dharma on Patriotism.

The reason is that Sanatana Dharma was the only way of Life in the early life of the earth.

5.Southern direction is being treated as some thing beyond more like alien territory though the people from the south were practicing Sanatana Dharma with variations.

They were called as Dravida, the Southerners or Dasyus though the later term means one who became wayward.

6.Sending people to South was Banishment as a punishment, as Visvamitra sent his 51  sons to Dravida Desa as a punishment.

7.We have Sage Agastya who has been a bridge between the North and South

To be continued in Part 2

2 responses to “Vedas Complied In The Arctic Why How By Whom ? Part 1”

  1. If Vedas were written in Jambudepam, how they get into India?

    Could you explain more as I do believe that Vedas were not from Barath varsa area. Some how I believe they were from South Arctic area.

    I believe people migrated from that area when it got devastated with floods.


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