Jaya Original Mahabharatha by Vyasa That Made Ganesha Pause 8800 Slokas

As the first chapter Adi Parva was being dictated, Vyasa needed time to compose;he dictated terse and complicated verses. Ganesha had to pause to understand. During this miniscule of time Vyasa composed additional couplets.

Vedas Complied In The Arctic Why How By Whom ? Part 1

Long nights propel one to yearn for Dawn and Long nights vice versa. And the Veda speaks of Devayana and Pitruyana, the Pitru yana, the former denoting the Devas,Divine beings,the latter the deceased ancestors. Ayana means Path as in Dakshinayana or Uttarayana,the ovement of s Sun from North to South and from North to South. Thecreferral points they take for this movement of the Sun are the,Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn,both related closely to the Poles. 2. The Uttarayana, movement to North period is considered auspicious, because the warmth reaches Arctic durig this period. 3.When the Indian texts speak of Bharatavarsha, they do

Immoral Unethical Behaviour Hindu Texts Explanation

I have received  comment which highlights the seeming contradictions/immoral and unethical behaviour in the Hindu Puranas and Ithihasas. Let me answer the general explanation and shall offer my views under each query in detail. 1. Hindu Puranas and Ithihasas are facts. As such there is no need to window dress events and characters.The facts are presented as they were. Though there ideals in olace for people to follow not all followed them. 2.According to indian texts the Yuga Dharma, v

Draupadi , Lover Of Krishna?

She considered Krishna as her mentor and she was a few among the people in Mahabharata who knew Krishna was the incarnation of Vishnu and as such was devoted to him. Time that people rebut this type of non sense floating around stating that Krishna and Draupadi were Lovers. Or is this secular writing? ( I am called a Right wing Historian, I am neither)

Yajnavalkya Compiler Shukla Yajur Veda Satapatha Brahmanas

On one such occasion, Vaisampayana asked one of his disciples(Not Yajnyavalkya) to represent him. Yajnavalkya informed the Guru that he would represent him and he argued with Vaisampayana on this issue. Annoyed Vaisampayana admonished Yajnavalkya for questioning the Guru, being argumentative and advised Yajnyavalkya to leave after returning the Vedas he had learnt. Yajnavalkya is the first recorded Sage in History