Why Many Mantras For Same Problem

Hinduism, being a Way of Life tries to offer solutions to day to day problems , apart from enquiring into the nature of life and death.
To know the nature of life and Life one must Live.
The body is considered sacred because Life dwells in it.

Abusing body in the name of piety is not sanctioned.
The practice of undertaking penance by subjecting body to extreme rigors is rated as the lowest form of Tapas, penance.
Krishna declares it as Asura Tapas, rated lowest.
The body is to be respected.
Such is the concern for humans and life Hinduism offers solutions in the form of Slokas , Mantras and Poojas.
Each is different from the other.
One may notice that many Mantras are available for the same problem, be it removal of obstacles, success in endeavours, marriage, health issues, mental illness. …
For instance one has Asha Garuda Mantra, Varaha Kavacha, Sri Mantraraja Padham, Subrahmanya Bhujanga, Durga Suktha,Hanuman Mantras for the same issue.
Mental issues.
Why so many Mantras for the same problem?
There are two reasons.
One may have a personal deity which he adores.
The Mantra offered may not be on that Deity.
This may not deliver results.
Reason unknown.
On the other hand Mantras devoted to other Deities might deliver.
Second reason is that Mantras are sounds grasped from Ether by Rishis.
And Mantras being vibrations , one Mantra might suit one, but not others.
The Vibrations must suit the vibrations of the individual.
For instance my Family Deity is Subrahmanya, Palani Dhandayuthapani.
But one of the most powerful Mantras of Subrahmanya in Tamil, Kanda Shasti Kavacha does not suit me.
Instead of providing relief I get more problems.
But the other Mantras , either in Tamil or Sanskrit on Subrahmanya grants me relief.
I do not know the reason.
So I avoid Kanda Shasthi Kavacha and recite other Subrahmanya Mantras.
This peculiar aspect of the power of Mantras is the reason for the Sastras to declare that Mantra has to be initiated by Guru properly.
A GURU feels individual vibrations and offers a suitable mantra.
A real Guru does not offer a standard Mantra for all his disciples.

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