Father Unacknowledged Unrecognised Species

Father is an unrecognized and unacknowledged species.
None deems it fit to give credit to Father.

Father is perceived to be tough , uncompromising  disciplinarian who takes a sadistic pleasure while bringing up children.


He is generally termed as irresponsible and but for the Mother , children would not be what they are.

Mother understands and accommodates but a Father ,

Father is one who remains in the background, taking all the blame, his intention being the welfare of the children, not popularity.

He sacrifices without being aware of it.

He understands.

But never expresses.

Nor does he seek assurances from children that they love him.

When it is time for children to be independent he does not demur.

Nor does he interfere in his children’s relationship with their Spouses.

Nor does he expect any thing from his children’s Spouses.

He is not free with his children’ s money, he is more careful with it.

When the child is in the womb, he might not carry the child,

Carries in the Heart.

When the child is ill he does not panic, but attends to it sans hysterics.

When the child does not get himself established in Life , he does not express it, but remains  more hurt than what he would have been, had he not established himself.
He is proud when his children turn out better than him.

‘ The benefit which a father should confer on his son is to give him precedence in the assembly of the learned.’

தந்தை மகற்காற்று நன்றி அவையத்து
முந்தி இருப்பச் செயல்.
Thirukkural by Thiruvalluvar.
Happy Fathers Day.

Image Credit.



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