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Apart from the Spirituality surrounding Indian Temples, they are poems in Art.
They were built thousands of years ago.
They had very precise plans as laid out in the Agama Sastra which is dated back to 5000 years at a conservative estimate.
(Please check my post on Agamas)
They have withstood earthquakes. The Thanjavur Bid Temple has withstood as many as five earthquakes.
These temples were astronomically oriented.
Somecof them aligned to Winter Solstice , some Summer Solstice.


Some group of temples are Geometrically aligned.
Kanchipuram, Thiruvanaikkaval and Kalahasthi lie in a straight line in the same lattitude.
Some of them drip water on the Idol in the Sanctum.
Some idols change colors ,in some cases, as many as Five times a day.
Suns Rays fall at a particular date at a particular time on the Deity.


Shadows of the top portion fall at the base of the Temple.
There is a temple of Shiva which disappears into sea only to reappear in the same day.
The idols receive light  where there is no light source.
Some temples vare builtvin the plains, some in the forests,some near the sea and in the sea and some in the mountains.
And some in the cave.
The building of a temple in a Mountain is an arduous task.
There are many temples in the mountains, hillocks.
Though therecare a lot of temples built on mountains , they are single temples wit a Single tier of construction.
That is you would find Temples in a Mountain with deity installed atop the temple, though there might be other temples , either at the base or on the way to the top.
But there is a temple where there is a two tier construction, with one temple built on top of the other.
And this in a Single Rock!
This technic of carving out temples in a mountain was
Popularised by Emperor Rajaraja Chola in 1039 AD.
However even he could not build a two tiered temple on A Rock.
Yet we find the Rockfort Temple , Thiruchirapalli as a lone examplecof a two floor temple on a Rock.
The lower one is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Top to Lord Ganesh.
These two temples lie on a single Rock.
The Shiva temple called as Thaayamaanavar is the first temple as you climb and lies on to youvright from the steps.
You have to retrace your steps to climb up to see Lord Ganesh which is also on the Same Rock.
Imagine building on a Rock by carving and that too two temples and one of them, Thaayamaanavar , is so designed that the Sun’s rays fall at the feet of Shiva Linga on three days of a year( panguni 23,24 and 25th- end March , early April), through an aperture of one and a half feet by two feet!
And the rays have to travel about 60 feet bypassing the Dwajasthamba and enter the Sanctum, Garbhagruha!
How to reach Thiruchirapalli.
Airport . Thiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu.
Railway Station.  Thiruchirapalli.
Bus Station.  Thiruchirapalli.
Deities. Ganesh Uchipillayar meaning Ganesh at the Top.
Thaayamaanavar, Shiva LINGA, who served a pregnant woman by delivering her child.

Image Credit. Rockfort Temple Full View.


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  2. so we cover up great worjs of art with gaudy paint,
    superb castings of bronze with exquisite carvings
    with cloth and gold so nobody can enjoy them,
    except a few lucky priests who get them ready for viewing/


    • I do not know about which temples you arevreferring to. I have been visiting temples for quite a few years. I have no issues. You might probably be referring to Temple tower idols which are painted. They are made of wood andvare painted.These one can find in temples built recently. If you have any specific temples in mind do let me know. I shall take it up.
      Why drsg priests into this?Regds


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