Daily Worship of Five Deities Panchayatana Puja

In Hinduism Paarayana is different from Puja.

Paarayana is the recitation of a particular Sloka, Sahasranama, or Astothra of one Deity or any number of Deities daily.

In this, one need not follow very strict rules of Puja, like Dhik Bandana, Kavacham.

This can be performed at any time , preferably in the morning or in the evening.

A Naivedya is to be offered with Aarthi,(Naivedya and mantras  please read my post on Naivedya)

It is recommended that either Honey ar dried Grapes be offered.

These two are suggested for they do not have any Dosha  or deity specific.

In a Puja strict rules are followed and normally the Puja is initiated by a Guru.

One has to wear Pancha kachcham(How to wear a Pancha Kachcham, please read my post )

Poojas are performed either in the mornings or evenings.

It is recommended that Siva Pooja be performed in the evening; others may be performed either in the morning or in the evening.

It is customary to offer a specific Naivedya for a  particular Deiy; Modhaka for Ganesha,Sarkarai Pongal for Ambika/Vishnu and Maha Naivedyam  for Siva.

( Maha Naivedya- Hot cooked Rice with a spoon ful of Ghee on top of it with two teaspoonful of cooked Thoordal)

There is another specific Puja where Deities representing the Five elements of Nature, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are worshiped daily .

This is to be performed in the morning.

As this Puja has Five Deities, this is called the Panchayatana Puja.

Idols placement In Panchayatnana Pooja.image
Panchayatnana Pooja idols placement

This was made popular by Sri Adi Sankaracharya.

There is a misconception that only those who worship Siva alone can perform this.

It  is incorrect.

The reason for the prevalent view is that people mistake the term ‘Smartha‘ means those who worship Siva.

Smartha is One who follows the Smriti, that which is retained by Memory, as against Sruthi that which heard(Vedas)

We have a host of Smritis,

Narayan Smriti,

Smarta Smriti.

Manu Smriti,

Sukra Smriti. Bruhaspati Smriti.

All those who follow either of these my perform the Panchayatana Puja.

Sankaracharya systematised the worship into Six Systems, The Shan Mathas(read my post on this)

In the Panchayatana Puja,Subrahmanya is not included, but it may be included by having a small Silver Spear(Vel) or a small Silver Snake Idol.

The Sankalpa depends on one’s desires.

The best sankalpa is praying for the welfare of all beings, living and non Living.

The mantras for each Devata may be Astothra .

Sahasranama is  time-consuming.

The Five elements and the represented Murthis.

Akasa -Ether/Space-Vishnu.


Vayu, Air-Aditya.

Prithvi, Earth-Siva.

Jala, Water -Ganapati

Here on may find the Vedic representation of the principles of nature.

This may sound slightly different as Aditya  represents Vayu, while Vishnu who is normally associated with Prithvi is seen representing Space as Vishnu is an Amsa of Parama Purusha who represents Space as well.

‘Akasyatipo Vishnu Agnischaiva Maheswari,

Vayo Suryah  Kshtir  Isah Jalan Nyasa Ganathipa’

There is school of thought which prescribes different  ways of placing the idols in the Puja.

One is:

Shiva panchayata

Vishnu                Surya


Devi                    Ganesh

Vishnu panchayata

Shiva                 Ganesh


Devi                 Surya

Surya panchayata

Shiva                 Ganesh


Devi                 Vishnu

Devi panchayata

Vishnu                 Shiva


Surya                 Ganesh

Ganesh panchayata

Vishnu                 Shiva


Devi                     Surya

That is to place the Murthy which one traditionally worships as prescribed by his Kula Sampradaya.

The other method is to place the Ishta Devata, Preferred personal God in the center and  place all the others around it.

Some use natural Stones instead of Murthis.


Surya Crystal from Vallam Tamil Nadu.

Ganesha  Red Sonebhadra from Sone,Bihar.

Vishnu Saligrama from Gandaki, Nepal.

Shiva, Bana Linga from Narmada, M.P.

Ambika Swarnamukhi from Swarna Mukhi from Andhra Pradesh.

if you  plan to use small Idols ensure that they are not taller than your thumb.

Panchayatana Puja Procedure.

Start with Ganapati, Adithya,Subrahmanya,Ambika, Shiva and Vishnu.

Follow the Link for detailed mantras for Panchayatana Puja.



47 responses to “Daily Worship of Five Deities Panchayatana Puja”

  1. Dear sir ,
    I would like to download PDF format in Tamil for the panchayatana puja . Please kindly tell me how to do it


    • Please have PDF Reader in your system.Then you download.You must also have appropriate Tamil fonts.You will get this information when you download.


  2. I have PDF reader as well as Tamil fonts in my iPad . But the download link is not working


      • Ramachandra Pur Matha is one important Shankara Peetha in Gokarna,costal Karnataka and all the 36 Shankaracharya’s in this unbroken lineage have been giving panchayatana stones to disciples.


  3. i have only saligrama. where can i get remaining good quality of surya crystal, swarna mukhi, banalinga, and sonebhdra. pls give me the information


  4. I have five bimbha (Surya Ganapathi(shona bhadra)ambhika (swarnamukee)shiva(bhana linga) Vishnu(laxminarayana saligrama) . I am actually smarta Brahmin l live in Bangalore. Recently I have some problems to perform Puja so who ever Brahmins do interested in Puja and have shradda bhakti i redy to give I don’t expect anything please inform.


    • You shall have the Punya for what you have performed.If your elder brother had not performed and and you had, it is accepatable.Each son has to perform Sraddha.You continue performing Sraddha irrespective who does or who does not.It will bring you prosperity.


    • sir i am ramesh iyengar from hyderabad and wish to place the shivapanhcyantan in the temple where we are construction if you wish to give it please call me on 098480 14492


  5. Namaste Ramani-ji,

    Great Blog! Thank you for your writing. I am trying to find out the source material for where Shankara actually gave this 5 form puja with ishta dvata in writing. I assume that exists and it is not just something given verbally alone. Do you have any idea where the source material was written down? Sanksrit is ok if that is only source. tx


    • Thank you for your comments.
      Generally these procedures have beeen transmitted orally.As some of these texts are available now, in the writeen there should have been a time when these have been written down.
      But it is difficult to find the time.
      As to Shankara, he too seems to have transmitted orally to His disciples.
      Shankara has establised Shankara Mutts in India.
      Sringeri and
      beginning with Puri, these are located in the Four directions of India .
      adrinath , north, Puri East,Sringeri South and Dwaraka in the west.
      The Mutts lineage continues even to day.
      These Mutts might have the information you seek.
      Sringeri Mutt has exhaustive collection of information on these lines.
      The Sringeri Mutt may have the information.


  6. Dear Sir,

    I was searching for vishnu panchayatana puja vidhi all over the net but could not find one Kindly post if you have the complete detail. I will be very greatful to you.



    • I have provided the details in my article.Please perform in the order described.For Vishnu perform Vishnu Ashtotra or Sahasranama.Or is it some thing else you want to know? Regds


  7. Its so enchantingly beautiful n simple in explanation , knowledge sharing great , thanks a lot .


  8. Sir,
    Please inform the place and name of the shop where we can get all the six saligrama in chennai


  9. Is your website link for Pachayatana puja mantras down… Can u please send a PDF copy to my E mail please?


  10. Ramananji Namaskaram

    I have been following ur blog for some time and am amazed at the repertoire of information gathered and diseminated by you. Thanks for the same,
    I have only Saligramas which I picked up myself from Nepal (Gandaki River). i am interested in doing panchayatan Puja, hence if any one would like to handover the same, pl request them to contact me at 09489115525..


  11. I am having a book published by Gita Press ,Gorakhpur on siva panchayatana pooja and i have been following . I learnt it thro Guru Mukham and performing the same. If any one is doing the same pooja since several years, i have smal doubts and get it clarified. my cell no 9908292888

    U S Murthy, Vijayawada


  12. i have small doubts on siva panchayatan apooja. i want to interact with any senior devotee acclamatised with siva pooja. cell no 9908292888


  13. Namaste , I am knew to Hindu Dharma, I am not born indian, but I have emmense desire to learn sanatan dharma, please someone explain me how I can offer simple but authentic puja to my Ishta- devi I have chosen? My email is saffiyehjaffer29 @ gmail. Com. Someone please explain me.


  14. Please someone teach me to be Hindu. I love indian spirituality so much, I have become obsessed with wanting to do puja.


  15. Dear Sir.
    how shiv lingu is placed in pooja peetha, the flow direction either north face or south face or right side of lingu or left ide of lingu


  16. Sir, Your posts are very informative. Thanks for that. I want to know about PANCHAYATANA SATA CHANDI HOMAM , which someone i know performed for 5 days.


    • There seems to be no Homa specifically for all the deities together.Possible some one may perform a Homa for each Deity.To my knoledge Panchayatana Homa is not found in Smritis/Sruthis


  17. Namaskar – the puja link y ou have given is not opening – could you pls advise if there is any change in the same – thankyou


  18. Sir my humble pranams to u and i am v much touched by your constant efforts to bring out all the knowledge to the people who follow u and need u. i have a small problem and wish to bring it to your notice – the following link is not working can u pl fix that issue when u find time ? thank u v much sir – K. Venkatasubramanian – kvsmanian57@gmail.com

    Follow the Link for detailed mantras for Panchayatana Puja.



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