Pithru Tharpanam Text, Mantras, Rite of Hindus

I have posted blogs on the importance of performing Tarpana ((Oblation to Ancestors)- Mahalaya Amavasya.

Some more posts are on Sandhya Vandhana in two parts and  one audio.

The Tharpana Mantras with basic instructions are given below.


Audio Follows.

Post on ‘Sankalpa’, Sanskrit names for performance of Daily Routines including

SandhyaVandana,Months,Rtus,Pakshas,Manvantaras,Nakshatras follow-with Tamil Equivalents.

I will post for Rik , Sama Veda and Shukla Yajur Veda.

In performance of Tharpana, some wear marks on the forehead and some not.

It is better to follow what has been followed at your homes.

As I mentioned in another blog, Tharpana ,Sraddha are to be performed only after Noon,after performing Madyanhika and Brahma Yagnam.

As a matter of fact Brahma Yagnam is to be performed Daily


It is sanctioned in the Sastras that the Sraddha or commitment to performing these Duties are important and not throwing away money to ease Conscience.

Food is to be cooked at Home by the wife/Daughter and not by caterers or getting some one to cook at Home.

It is for your parents.

Physical contribution is necessary.

It is also stated that The Brahmanas who come to Srardha are to be well versed in The Vedas and they are to be fed.

Now a days one does not get them and even if one gets them they do not know The Vedas to be called a purohits(Please read my blog on Acharya,Guru and Purohita).

In the absence of a suitable and qualified Brahmana, I suggest one feed a really needy, caste does not matter, but one should be of good habit, not a Drunkard,way ward and generally uncouth.

They can be given new clothes which they can use, not necessarily Dhoti and Angavastram.

The same can be followed during the Srardha for Women , by giving Sari or chidudhar as they prefer.

I am aware those who call them Panditas objecting to this.

But this is what I have been doing for the past 30 years, criticisms notwithstanding.

Unfortunately for them I read the Sastra texts.






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