Vaishnava Pharaoh Image Tampered Louvre Sculpture Page Missing. With Upaveeda is at Budapest

Pharoah with Vaishnava marks. Sculpture

There are some things that amaze me, especially in the academic/ research field relating to Indian history. Normal reaction one would expect is that the points raised are rebutted and facts disproved with evidence. What I have found is that people, calling themselves academics stoop to is amazing.!

Cases relate to my article on ‘Bhagavad Gita Verses in Egyptian Pyramid, where I had quoted with authentic link as to how A sloka of Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, was found in the Pyramid number 2.Some commented that the Pyramid is not found and that my information is wrong. One of my readers responded in comments by stating that the quoted image / sculpture/pyramid was in British Museum, London. Still some readers doubted. When I went to UK in 2019, I visited The London museum and the item was not found. With great difficulty, I was able to meet the Curator. He admitted, reluctantly, that the said artefact was returned to the(a? ) private Collector. Despite my repeated requests, he refused to divulge information about the Private Collector as he was not permitted to share the information. And that’s that!

Now my another article on First Pharoah with Vaishnava Marks encountered a different issue.

First people said the image was Fake. When I pointed out that the image was from a Book, the relevant page with image I have provided, the tactic changed. Then comments came that the original image was tampered with in the book. There were counters to this comment from my readers. Then came, sometime back, a communication from one of my readers. I am providing the communication below. It looks as though, not only the image had Vaishnava marks on the body, but it had Upaveeda, Janu!

Pharaoh with Upaveeda,Janu

This is how Ancient history of Sanatan dharma is destroyed.

I shall be writing where thousands of Ancient manuscripts are housed. They are not in India.

Pharoah with Vaishnava marks on Forehead. Zoom Image from Flickr. Egyptology .Sculpture at Budapest museum. Zoom to see Vaishnava mark on forehead

The image/ sculpture is in Louvere Museum Paris and another in Poland.

From Ramanan50,
Appreciate the effort you have put in compiling your blog. Took me into places that I hadnt been before.

I was trying to research further (personal research) into your blog on “First Pyramid Builder Roman Emperor With Vaishanava Marks” ( )
So I was trying to look up the picture of roman emperor with vaishnavaite marks in the history of rome book and this is what i found :

Images from my blog post First Pharaoh with Vaishnava marks. Note the page numbers.

Below is the image from the book :

        vs (from your blog)* blog authors note, ie. mine  image did not load properly here. I have provided it from the book referred to separately.   Here it is.

Image of Pharaoh with Vaishnava marks source.
Pharaoh with Vaishnav marks in book


In this picture the vaishnavaite marks are not very clear on the forehead. So the picture that you have posted looks somewhat different from this. Wondering where you got that picture from ?
Also I tried to lookup the picture of first builder of egypt (from the book egyptian myth and legend by Donald A. Mackenzie) and heres what i found,So i found a couple of sources for this book :

Below are pictures from 3 copies of same book,

Also I was trying to find an online version of the missing link book that you have mentioned (Long Missing Links, Or, The Marvellous Discoveries about the Aryans, Jesus Christ and Allah, By  Vaduvur K. Duraiswami Ayyangar 1931 ). But I was unable to find an online copy. Do you know where I can find a copy of this book ? This seems like a very valuable book.
Also I did a little more research on the egypt pyramid builder (imhotep) and found below images,1. From louvre museum (# Now the image is not found in Louvre too. ( ). Here the sacred thread / janeu is visible. But this thread is not depicted in any of the other idols of other museums. I tried zooming in but vaishnavaite mark is missing. Wonder what this thread indicates ?

. From Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts ( )If you go to
 and see the largest size of image and zoom in, you will notice a vaishnavaite mark on the forehead.( Provided as first image of the article. Featured image at the top of the article is with Upaveeda, Janu.

Look at the forehead. Zoom. Reflection light reveals erased mark.

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