Pharoah with Vaishnava marks. Sculpture

Vaishnava Pharaoh Image Tampered Louvre Sculpture Page Missing. With Upaveeda is at Budapest

I am providing the communication below. It looks as though, not only the image had Vaishnava marks on the body, but it had Upaveeda, Janu as well! This image is the Featured image of this article.

Pyramids Emerge From Melting Ice Lost Civilization

The World History is full of distortions,example Indian History as told by the British, which is in vogue in India till to day.

Some of the events that took place in the World and India about 40 years back( when I was 23) is to day totally misinterpreted.

Well that is documented, that's all!

Now to the story on hand.

Pyramids Show Astronomical Alignment

I posted a blog on 16 October, 2011 that NASA Satellites stumble over Tirunallaru Tamil Nadu and that there is no reference to this in NASA site.

It remains a mystery, though some have called it as a Hoax.

NASA is silent.

NASA is notorious for not acknowledging inconvenient questions, like UFO, Aliens.

Now comes news that the alignment of some Pyramids represent an ancient Astronomical phenomenon.

Let me add that there are ancient temples in India, especially in the South, that allow Sunlight on a particular day on the Idol at the Sanctum Sanctorum,Tree yielding(at the Temple premises) fruit straight from the Flower stage(outside the temple it follows the normal process) stone,Idol where if you insert an iron string through one year it comes through the other ear,Idols changing colors every two and a half hours...the list is endless.