Recovery of True Hinduism, Acharya Maulana

Interfaith Unity is one of the points by moderate(?)Islam and Pseudo Hindu Scholars and self styled secularists who want to justify Islam by comparing it to Hinduism. This they do by first acknowledging(!) the antiquity and the Truth contained in the Vedas and ends up saying that Islam is mentioned in Vedas, Muhammad is referred to in The Vedas. They talk about the Recovery of ‘True’ Hinduism.!

Do they mean to say that if Islam or Prophet is not acknowledged or recognized, that system of Thought, Way of Living, philosophy Religion is not true?

Validating Hinduism by Islam is like my declaring the Existence of my Great grandfather. Can anything be more silly than this?

Another point is that to be secular, why should one should go beyond facts and justify out scriptures to others?

And what is this Secularism? Deny other religions, especially Hinduism?

To what end?

To justify Islam? Why should you justify it if you believe it?

And look at the pathetic attempt by secular historians who quote Acharya Maulana! Who gave the gentleman the title of Acharya? It needs minimum twelve years to study Vedas under a Guru, that too, the disciple leaving home and staying with the Guru. Reading some texts on Hinduism or of Hinduism does not make one an Acharya. Can one become a Maulana by reading Islamic Texts?

If one has his faith, let him follow it, without disturbing others, Hindus or Non Hindus. Period.

Don’t denigrate your religion by trying to justify it.

I am providing the information that has spurred me to write. The title of the book is Now or Never!”: Inter-Faith Dialogue and the Recovery of ‘True’ Hinduism as Seen in the Writings of Acharya Maulānā Shams Navēd ‘Uthmānī ‘and it is found it jstor site, ‘ Link provided towards the close of the article. And who is this Acharya Maulana?

Shams Naved Usmani (1931 – 26 August 1993) was an Indian Muslim scholar. He is known for his inter-faith dialogues. Born into the Usmani family of Deoband, Usmāni was an alumnus of the University of Lucknow and held the titles of Acharya and Maulana altogether.

.. Usmāni studied Hindu scriptures. He has identified Noah as Manu. He has also asserted the fact that Vedas are divinely books, but have been corrupted, as the Islamic traditions hold belief about Injil and Torah. Usmāni suggests that Hindus have attributed wrong beliefs to Manu.According to Tabish Mehdi, “the results that came out of his studies, created an atmosphere of restlessness in the academic world”. His studies received a wide criticism from the academics of India.Usmāni held the titles of Acharya and Maulana altogether.
Usmāni himself did not write any books. However, his anecdotes were collected and compiled by Abdullah Tariq. These works include Agar Abh Bhi Na Jāge To (transl. Now or Never). Usmāni died on 26 August 1993. He was survived by his wife Khadeja Naved Usmani.

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