First Pyramid Builder Roman Emperor With Vaishanava Marks

Mittani are the ancient people in Mesopotamia.

They were the ancestors of the Egyptians.

Look at the Sanatana Dharma connection.


Mitanni (/mɪˈtæni/; Hittite cuneiform KUR URUMi-ta-an-ni; also Mittani Mi-it-ta-ni) or Hanigalbat (Assyrian Hanigalbat, Khanigalbatcuneiform Ḫa-ni-gal-bat) or Naharin in ancient Egyptian texts was a Hurrian-speaking state in northern Syria and southeast Anatoliafrom ca. 1500 BC–1300 BC. Founded by an Indo-Aryan ruling class governing a predominantly Hurrian population, Mitanni came to be a regional power after the Hittite destruction of Amorite[1] Babylon and a series of ineffectual Assyrian kings created a power vacuum in Mesopotamia.


The Mittanni was in northern Mesopotamia , roughly from 1500-1300 BC.

At its height the empire extended from Kirkuk (ancient Arrapha) and the Zagros Mountains in the east through Assyria to the Mediterranean Sea in the west.


Mittani Kings, but the Egyptian Pharaohs have also have been known to have a major Indic influence.
Egyptian King with Vaishnava marks.image.jpg
Egyptian King with Vaishnava marks.
These Kings and even a Roman Emperor sported Thiruman, The Vaishnavite marks on their Body.
Mittani and Egyptian King with Vaishnava Marksjpg.
Mittani and Egyptian King with Vaishnava Marks.


The Sun King Akhenaten of Egypt who ruled between 1352-1336 BC was a son-in-law of Tushratta, the Mitanni king. The name Tushratta has been recorded in the Hittite cuneiform script.

Roman Emperor with Vaishnava Marks.image.jpg
Roman Emperor with Vaishnava Marks.

Some have suggested that the Sanskrit origin of Tushratta is Dasaratha, a few others that it is Tvesaratha (having splendid chariots), a name which is attested in the Rigveda.

Mittani Empire.Image.jpng
Mittani Empire.


“The first Mitanni king was Sutarna I (good sun). He was followed by Baratarna I (or Paratarna great sun), Parasuksatra(ruler with axe),…. Saustatar (Sauksatra, son of Suksatra, the good ruler), Artadama (abiding in cosmic law)..Tushratta (Dasaratha), and finally Matiwazza (Mativaja, whose wealth is thought) during whose lifetime the Mitanni state appears to have become a vassal to Assyria”. Subhash Kak traces the ‘arna’ syllable in the names of the kings to ‘araNi’ (अरणि) meaning ‘sun’…

(Akhenaten, Surya, and the Rigveda’, Prof Subhash Kak (an Indian American computer scientist, previous Head of Computer Science Department, Oklahoma State University)

A number of Indo-European sounding words have been identified in the cuneiform documents of the Mitanni kingdom (1500-1200 BC). In addition to nouns and adjectives with parallels in Sanskrit this Hurrian speaking kingdom had kings with Indo-Aryan names and two documents even list the main Gods of the Indian pantheon….”

(About the  Mittani-Aryan Gods’, Arna ud Fournet)


About the Mittani Aryan Gods ,Journal of Indo-European Studies
 Mittani – Indo Iranians of Asia Minor 


15 responses to “First Pyramid Builder Roman Emperor With Vaishanava Marks”

  1. I really appreciate your wonderful work on establishing the Hindu origin and influence.
    It is really great keep it up


  2. Research well done?
    Linking the Vaishnava one race marking with another via constructive evidence of building sizable monuments and building technique/architecture also the knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, physics and sciences, and above all the tools? “yes Tools where are they”
    i, know Sanskrit hold many writting of formulas, now translated into modern science. Deutschland for one, under Hitler’s reign, translated Sanskrit in to Duetch. And developed fuels and Varmanas for WW II.
    There is little evidence left any where else, how these mega structures were built, and what tools were used to cut precise stones. Not only cutting the stones, transporting and lifting them to 20 story high? Our noble, highly trained/educated ancestors vanished, leaving “No Evidence” any where.
    The only evidence I can relate to, and attest to, is that the Cosmetic layer, second phase of the Taj Mahal, acclaimed by “Shah Jahan” as the builder of “The Taj Mahal”, for his wife “Mumtaj”.
    If one was to look deep into the structure and decorations, you will see signs of Raja Maharaja’s building mark of his Era. And further evidence is obtained that he built huge monuments, places of Hindu worship, and have similar building methods and structural definitions.
    The 10th generation of artisans, in Agra and other places in India bare witness to their craft handed down knowledge of father to son, procuring and maintaining the “Taj Mahal” on daily bases, cutting precious and semi gem stones embedding them into the white Marbel stones.

    If it is true that the foundation of civilization is embedded in Sanskrit, and I’m proud of it


    • I am exploring . Please read my articles under Hinduism Nearly all countries have remnants of Sanatana dharma Tamil and this has been documented in my articles. The evidence falls under archeology Etymology Literary and Local references apart from astrinimical and infrared dating.Shall be writing more. Regards


    • Regarding Cutting stones precisely… it is done in ancient India using simple methods..
      Big Rocks:- Making series of small holes around the rock and filling wooden block soaked in water to create a collective pressure.. it could be used in Egypt too.

      Precise Placement:- a method practiced not so long ago called ‘Urach cherkhal’ in local terminology, by rubbing 2 stones against(on top) each other with water to create a gap-less structure.. Method for it was recorded in Angkor wat Temple structures and similar looking holes were found in some Pyramid Stones..
      i lost the link to it..


  3. Dear Sir, Fabulous article. I have one sincere request to you. I badly need this book – Long missing links by iyengar. Pls suggest me how I can get it. I am ready to even pay you and get a Xerox from you if its not possible to find a copy anywhere else. Pls help sir. I am a researcher and presenter myself. This book would be a very great help for my research! Love your articles
    – Your fan – Chakrapani das


    • The book is available at Devaneyappaavaanar Library near TVS,Mount Road, Chennai. You may try locating it old book shop of Azhwar in Luz church road,Mylapore,Chennai.I am not sure it is available in shops. You may try.


  4. Regarding Pyramid and Roman Emperors With Vaishanava Marks may I know from which books these are taken? If there is any online website or museum please let us know.


  5. Recently there was debate on saying Ramsey was from clan of Ram. The person who denied saying “No they are believed to be children of Sun God” Which is actually supporting the fact of being Suryavanshi. There is also reference saying son of king Kush.


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