Krishna Kills Kalayavana Helped By Rama’s Ancestor

On checking up the Suryavansh, Solar Dynasty to which Sri Rama ,one comes across interesting and daunting facts.The predecessors of Sri Rama were quite famous and some of them like Raghu,Dileepa and Aja conquered the world.Sri Rama’s father Dasaratha appears in the Sumerian Kings List along with Sri Rama and Bharatha.I am yet to find out the identity of Bharata after whom Bharatvarsha is named. There are two Bharatas,one Sri Rama’s brother and another Dushyanth’ s son Bharatha.

Be that as it may, let’s explore another daunting information found in the Ikshvaku Dynasty.

Mandhata is recorded as the seventeenth King of Ikshvaku Dynasty,while Sri Rama is the Fifty first,separated by 34,000 years! This is based on the life span of people who lived in Treta Yuga ( which is about 1 .3 Million years ago), as 1000 years.

Sri Rama ruled in Treta Yuga: so was Mandhata,his ancestor.Mandhata had a son Muchukunda.

Muchukunda is recorded to have helped Sri Krishna to kill Kalayavana, a Greek king,Yavana is from the word Ionia,Greece.

Reference and citation.

Kalayavan was undefeated and unmatched in battle due to a boon, but he was also merciless and cruel. He learns that Krishna is the only person who can defeat him in battle and accepting this challenge sets out to invade Krishna’s kingdom, Mathura. When the two armies faced each other in battle, Krishna dismounts from his chariot and starts walking away, followed by Kalayavan. After a long time Krishna, followed by Kalayavan, enters a dark cave. In this cave Muchukunda was sleeping since the time he was blessed by king of deities.

The person on whom Muchukunda’s gaze falls is doomed to instantaneous death. Kalayavan in a fit of anger and unable to see in the dark attacks Muchukunda mistaking him to be Krishna. When Muchukunda opens his eyes, his gaze falls on Kalayavan who is immediately burnt to death.

According to Hindu mythology, Muchukunda was an ancestor of Sri Rama, who belonged to Treta Yuga. Sri Krishna appears towards the end of Dwapara Yuga. So, Muchukunda is asleep for a long time.

The issue here is Sri Krishna belonged to Dwapara Yuga’s closing period. Treta Yuga and beginning of Dwapara Yuga is separated by 8,64,000 years.

This poses couple of questions.

How could one( Muchukunda and Kalayavana) live for over such a long period of Time,while other Kings of Treta Yuga lived only for the declared 1000 years.This means the information about Mandhata and Muchukunda was deliberate and people knew there is this discrepancy of longevity.

Hence this means some were endowed with longer life than others.

And there is mention of People not belonging to earth visiting and people from earth visiting locations other than earth.Mandhata was christened by Indra of Indra loka ,which is reported to be another plane of Existence.

There is also this issue of the First DNA being spewed by Shiva Linga on earth.

And the theory that Time is Cyclic and not Linear is now backed up by Quantum.

So there are these options.

1. Some people were able to live beyond the average lifespan.

2.People from locations other than earth visited earth and from earth people visited other places.

3. Time in cyclic.

Of these three options,our present knowledge proves Time as Cyclic is proved.

Am probing other options.

If I do not understand something that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Or it is a Myth.

Sibi,Chola King Ruled from Pakistan

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