Dravidian Roots of Sri Rama

The Aryan Invasion Theory floated by the British to divide and rule India through paid missionaries like Max Mueller, who under the garb of translating ancient texts of India, sowed the seeds of Divisive tendencies, is long dead and and buried. The new Archeological finds in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere have provided evidence to…… Continue reading Dravidian Roots of Sri Rama

Hanuman Dwadasa Nama Tweleve Names For Fear

Here are some more names of Hanuman.

1. Hanuman (Bhakta Hanuman)-Whoo has a cleft in the chin.

Anjani gave birth to Hanuman. After birth, thinking that the rising sun was a golden fruit He leapt into the sky for it.

That day being a solar eclipse (parvatithi) Rahu (the dragon’s head) had come to engulf the sun.

Thinking that Hanuman was another Rahu Lord Indra attacked Him with His thunderbolt.

It struck Hanuman’s chin (hanuvati) which got cut and developed a cleft.

Thus he acquired the name Hanuman.