Krishna Kills Kalayavana Helped By Rama’s Ancestor

This means the information about Mandhata and Muchukunda was deliberate and people knew there is this discrepancy of longevity.

Krishna Enemy Greek King Kalayavana Killed By Tamil King

other Indian records describe the Yavana attacks on Saketa, Panchala, Mathura and Pataliputra, probably against the Sunga empire, and possibly in defense of Buddhism. The main mentions of the invasion are those by Patanjali around 150 BCE, and of the Yuga Purana, which,

Abhimanyu Would Have Killed Krishna

Abhimanyu was an incarnation of a very powerful demon named (Kalayvan) who was capable of killing him at a later point. Abhimanyu's only weakness is his partial knowledge about Chakravyuha.