Allot Govt Lands Free Houses For Christians- Congress Manifesto

India is a secular country with Hindu majority!

The land of Sanatana Dharma,of Rama,Krishna,of Puranas,Of Ramayana, Mahabharata,of Valmiki,Sangam Literature,of Tulsidas,Bhakta Ramdass, Shivaji,of Ramana Maharshi,land of the oldest recorded literature,The Rig Veda…

A land which has withstood invasions,a country which never invaded,

A Religion,a way of Life,

Which never tried to convert,

Known for tolerance..

This country today needs permission from the secular elites to conduct it’s festivals and permission from invaders and proselytisers,

The Atheists forcing sacred temple to open its doors throwing to wind the customs of the temple.

Oldest party of the India openly asking for subsidies to other Religions.

Asking for special privileges for those other than Hindus.

I have nothing to add.

The image in the article is eloquent.

Image credit. Facebook.

2 responses to “Allot Govt Lands Free Houses For Christians- Congress Manifesto”

  1. “Allot government land to the christian graveyards and all the graveyards of the christians must be neatly and totally must be maintained by spending the government money”………………And this eventually make the whole world as truly a fantastic graveyard within few years.

    Religion in general is totally a humbug. It all started first by the jewis community in order to forcibly occupy the land of Israel by overpowering the common peace loving living in that region. Later by the christens and then by the ruthless muscleman. All the calamities and sufferings of the people are mostly in the name of religion only.


  2. Namaskarm Sir,
    Please write about the truth of Velankanni Matha Koil, which is a Christian Church. I believe it was a temple for a Hindu Goddess. The invaders destroyed our Hindu temple and built a temple for virgin Mary and named it as Velankanni Matha Koil. Regards and Thank you


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