Sabarimala Set Fire To Idol Disfigured Suppressed CBI Report 1950 PDF

History consists of suppression of facts as well.

Thanks to digitalisation and internet,it is no longer possible to suppress information.

Thanks to this technology, I have been able to ferret out real history of India.

Now there is an imbroglio about Sabarimala,with people,citing equality are attempting to break the Hindu temple traditions.

Iyappa, Sabarimala.image

Lord Ayyappa, Sabarimala Temple

The impasse continues.

There is a move to have the temple away from the Tantris who are traditional priests of Sabarimala Dharma Sastha for years,by inventing a lie that Iyyapa was born in a Hill tribe and that the temple was usurped by the Temple Tantris and Pandala Kings!

In this heat, people are not aware that the Sabarimala Temple was set fire to and the Idol was disfigured.

It was in May/June 1950.

The investigation was carried out by Sri. Keshava Menon,DIG, Special Branch CID.

He submitted his report, which runs to 38 pages.

The report was never tabled in the Legislature nor any one arrested.

Download/read below.

The Report can be viewed ,downloaded

Sabarimala Arson Report by CBI pdf

The Story.

Sabarimala Temple Arson Case: Enquiry Report was the report of the investigation of the same case conducted by Shri. K. Kesava Menon, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Special Branch, C.I.D. (On Special Duty). This report is significant for multiple reasons. Firstly, this report completely unravels the players who are actually involved in this issue.

Secondly this report extensively covers the “sentiments� of a certain community and proves that the most important reason for this temple arson was religious fanaticism. Thirdly had this report been studied and lessons learnt, Hindus could have avoided the ignominy of the “Nilakkal Agitation episode� This is because this enquiry report categorically narrates this strange episode in detail –

“There is another back ground, which if viewed with the facts and the incidents mentioned above, will lend support to the possibility of an organised plan to destroy the Sabarimala shrine. In the month of Makaram, according to Ouseph, he followed a party of muthalalies consisting of Karimbanal Kochukunhu muthalali, Jnellamitthath Kuttiachan, Podimittom Verghese, Karipparambil Devassya, Vadakkepparambil thomman and Pottamkulam Thomas, who left Erumeli in a Jeep and went to Kalaketti from where they went to Kollamuzhi by walk and halted. They directed the coolies to go into the forests and hunt. Then the muthalalies and himself went to Nilakkal in search of a church which they believed to be existing at Nilakkal. Though a search was made, they did not find any remnants of a church, but they saw only remnants of two or three temples.

It is surprising that at this period of the history of Travancore these muthalalies are searching for a church on the route to Sabarimala. It may be that either they want to establish by some evidence the existence of a church there or to renovate it or they are in search of a suitable place for building a church. Anyway the desire for a church near the Sabarimala orthodox route seems to have been deeply rooted in their mind as otherwise there was no necessity for all these muthalalies to join on this business. This it can be seen that since some time, the Christians have begun to deel the increasing number of low caste Hindus visiting the Sabarimala temple in ecstasy and devotion, which in all probability they would have thought if not checked would inevitably result in a check to the growing process of conversion of low caste Hindus to Christianity.’

Reference and citation.

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