Vikramaditya Date 105 BC Evidence

At times,when I study the History of India, as narrated by western authors and our home grown secularists I get the impression that Indian history is meticulously crafted, unadulterated fiction, with no regard to facts found in Indian texts.

They are prepared to accept the History of India by James Mill as the gospel, which states that Indians were rooted in superstition and that India had no civilisation worth mentioning.

The same book claims that the earth is six thousand years old!

The gentleman wrote Indian history without ever stepping in the soil of India nor did he refer any texts,either Indian or Foreign classical authors.

What a scholarship!

And if one were to believe such authors, text books in Indian schools, one would believe that real Indian history began with the Invasion of India by Alexander.

I have,with proof, written that it is non sense and traced Indian history from Mahabharatha period to Nanda Dynasty.

Such misinformation has caused enormous harm to Indian history and culture.

History of India is denied and dates of great kings and dynasties are assigned later dates, if not denying them outright.

This is not limited to kings.

Great personalities too suffered this fate.

Buddha, Kalidasa, Rajput Kings, Tamil kings, to mention a few.

So are the ancient literature in Sanskrit and Tamil.

In this article, let us examine the Emperor Vikramaditya,after whom one of the three calendars of India are named.

Many mistake the son of Samudra Gupta of Maurys Dynasty,Chandra Gupta.

He assumed the name of Vikramaditya, who lived around 105 BC and established his Empire in India, Far East and Middle East.

He conquered Arabia and established Shiva Linga in Mecca.

Emperor Vikramaditya.image
Emperor Vikramaditya

Evidence of Vikramaditya’s date.

A Shaka ruler invaded north-western India and oppressed the Hindus. According to one source, he was a Shudra from the Almanṣūra city; according to another, he was a non-Hindu who came from the west. In 78 CE, the Hindu king Vikramaditya defeated him and killed him in the Karur region, located between Multan and the castle of Loni. The astronomers and other people started using this date as the beginning of a new era.’

-Al Birauni.
Since there was a difference of over 130 years between the Vikramaditya era and the Shaka era, Al-Biruni concluded that their founders were two kings with the same name. The Vikramaditya era named after the first, and the Shaka era was associated with the defeat of the Shaka ruler by the second Vikramaditya

Reference and citation.

“purne thrimsachchate varsheKalau prapte bhayamkareSakanamcha Vinasardham AryaDharma vivruddhaye Jatassivajnaya sopi kailasatGuhyakalayat.”

– Bhavishya Maha Purana (3-1-7-14,15 verses)

Vikramaditya namanam pita Krutwa mumodahaSa balopi mahaprajanah pithruMathru priyamkarah”(3-1-7-16)
pancha Varshe vayah prapte Tapasordhe vanam gatahDwadasabdam prayathnenaVikramena krutam tapah” (Bhavishya 3-1-7-17)
Paschadambavatim divyamPurim yatah sriyanvitahDivyam simhasanam ramyamDwathrimsan murthi samyutam” (Bhavishya 3-1-7-18)

At the completion of 3000 years after the advent of the terrible Kaliyuga, (ie.101 BCE.) a person descended from the abode of Guhyakas in Kailasa, at the command of Lord Siva, for the purpose of destroying the Sakas and uplifting Arya-Dharma. He was born to the Great King Gandharvasena. The father named him ‘Vikramaditya’ and felt very much rejoiced...
Paramara KingsAmong the Paramara kings, the first one reigned between 2710 – 2716 Kali Yuga (392 – 386 BCE)Salivahana established his own Saka in 78 CE, which is followed even today in most parts of India and years in panchang (vedic almanac) known as Saka Samvat or Shaka Samvat.

Paramara dynasty continued to rule Ujjain, which ended in 1305 CE, whose last king was Mahakaladeva.

Reference and citation.

Will be providing more evidence on Vikramaditya date from Tamil literature and foreign authors.

Will be posting on History of Rajputs.

Also on Bhoja.

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  1. Sir I am a big fan of you sir please give some more strong evidences for vikramdithya empire area please please some say it is a myth I am with your opinion sir please some more evidences some buildings in middle east by vikramdithya


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