“Women entry Sabarimala. Trupti Desai” on YouTube

3 responses to ““Women entry Sabarimala. Trupti Desai” on YouTube”

  1. Audio bad.Could you please send with clearer audioSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Sabari Malai is situated in a dense forest. Walking through that forest itself is very good for human health scientifically. Because, the path through which one is walking to reach Sabari Malai is covered fully with mostly herbal plants grown naturally in the area. When I am living in my home and some intruders enter into my house, naturally I get annoyed and so is the case with the route to reach Sabari Malai which is being dense forest, habituated by wild animals. Thus, it is always risky to walk through that route. Yet, it is said that the whole forest which is filled with wild animals are deemed to be protected by the power of Lord Ayyappa during this Mandalam period so that none of those wild animals are not harming the visiting devotees during this period. Even today it is so in that forest with the mercy of Lord Ayyappa. Walking from Erumeli via Kalai Katty, Azhutha River, Kari Malai, Siriyana Vattam, Periyanai Vattam and then Neeli Malai(hill) Pamba foot hill is a very risky process. But, these days transport facilities are available upto Pamba river from where we have to climb only Neeli Malai to reach Ayyappa Sannidhanam. Under this circumstances as a reciprocal we observe 41 days fast before undertaking the pilgrimage to Sabari Malai so that we are protected from the wild animals on the way with the mercy of Lord Ayyappa. Observing 41 days fast (Brahmacharya Vrutham) is possible for the male devotees while it is not for women devotees between the age of 10 to 50 (as they are in puberty stage). Therefore, it is self discipline for the women not to attempt to visit Sabari Malai from the age of 10 to 50 and it must be obeyed for the sake of nature. It is not necessary to frame a law for this because if the men folks are not allowed to enter into female toilet means it is observed even today because of self discipline and for the sake of law or so. Among all products of god on this earth human being is considered to be superior with their sixth sense of differentiating good and bad. They must respect to this natural gift.


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