Seed Does Not Grow Death With Right Ear Up Patteswara Temple Perur

Out of Ordinary events is not new in places associated with Hinduism.

Especially, Temples.

Some temples have curative powers,

Some have idols that change colors

Some are Astronomically aligned,

Some have unique architecture,

Some have resonating Pillars,

Some have Unique Idols,front Male,back Female


Yet some temples and towns where they are located have inexplicable phenomena.

In this list are Varanasi,Shivagange, Tirupati,Puri


In the last category comes the Patteswarar Temple,Perur, Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu,India.

Built by Karikal Chola about 11600 ago,this Shiva temple and the area surrounding it are marked by strange phenomenon.

The Seeds of the Tamarind Tree in the Temple do not germinate,grow.

The refuse of animals do not decay or infested with worms.

People while dying, have their right ear up.

Ever young Palm Tree.

Bones of the dead are let off in the River Noyyal and after a couple of days,stones are found in lieu.

#People living in Peru, Coimbatore may contribute on the information.

Lord Nataraja giving blessings in Kanaga Sabhai hall. In blessed temple,there was a tank steps with 16 angles. The temple are very ancient inscriptions of good value. The monumental temple is capable of spiritual freedom to devotees by bestowing “Moksha”.

Holy Teertha Kulam

There are 5 holy tanks in temple. Jnana, Vapi, Kodi Theertham in first prakaram, Tapa keni is opposite of Devi penance, Teppakulam in east front of Gopuram.

Lord Vishnu Durga with eight armed hands attracts a large number of devotees.This made the devotees to be blessed with god

Festivals In Patteeswarar Temple

Every year the temple celebrated Pangunu Uthiram festival in March month very grandly. Many consecrate also conducted this temple in every important festivals to receive Lord blessings.

Arudhra dharisanam is the famous festival duringmargali month. The most important festival to be listed here is Muthu Pandal Vizha in month of Aani.

Temple’s Architectural Specialty

The foot print scar of Kamadenu the Emanating god cow is visible on the head of Shivalinga in this temple. There is a tamarind tree in front of the temple known as Piravapuli meaning that its seeds will not germinate wherever sown.

This points outs the truth that those pray to Lord Patteeswara will attain entire salvation and will be free from the cycle of births and deaths. The bones of those dead, when placed in the Noyyal river flowing near by the temple turn white stones

Ananda Thandavam Darshan

Lord Nataraja generically appears in all temples in an active dance posture. The uniqueness in this temple is that He appears with legs downwards showing the end of his performance.

He looks slightly arch. With bright cheeks and the hair flying behind, the appearance is quite pleasing to the eyes of the people. It is here in the Kanaka Sabha Lord granted His Ananda Thandavam darshan to Lords Brahmma and Vishnu, Mother Kali, Saint Sundarar.

Next to Chidambaram, Arudra Darshan-Margazhi Tiruvadhirai is the main festival in the temple. Hence, it is praised as Melai Chidambaram – Chidambaram of West.


Arulmigu Patteeswarar Temple,

Siruvani Main Road,

Perur, Coimbatore – 641010.

Phone No: 0422 – 2607991, 0260689

Airport. Coimbatore.

Railway Station.Coimbatore.

Bus station.Coimbatore.

City buses from Coimbatore to Perur are available.


Please check phone number.

Image Credit. Wikipedia.

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