Ramanis Posts ‘Outrageous’?

I received an an interesting comment on my article

‘Abraham Descendant of Brahmins, Kashmir Kaul

‘I have been reading your blog posts forvthe past six months but this post is outrageous. Just because some sounds are similar that does not account vfor ancestry’

I receive a lot of comments,most of them complimentary.

But I value comments like the one above.

True,most of my findings seem outrageous even to me.

But the evidence is compelling.

In the post referred to, I can state that if one were to read all my articles,this article may not be surprising.

The Arabian civilization borrowed from Mesapotamia,and Hitties.

Most of us might not even heard of these ancient civilizations because they are not taught in schools.

These civilizations are traced back to the Tamils and Sanatana Dharma.

These civilizations had extensive trade relations with India and Tamils.

Thirty thousand year old Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu had trade relations with Greece.

That it is thirty thousand year old is not my finding.

It is by Archeolgists.

Krishna’s Dwaraka is dated 32,000 years.

Agastya moved from the North to South,crossing the Vindhyas around 5100 BC and this corresponds to Lord Rama’s Date.

Jwalapuram,Cuddapa,Andhra Pradesh is dated 74,000 years ago.

Early Roman settlements have been excavated near Madurai,Tamil Nadu.

Lord Vishnu’s Idol  was unearthed in Russia.

It is dated before Christ was thought of.

The Construction of Chichen Itza resembles Madurai Meenakshi temple.

Roman Emperors with Sri Vaishnavas are found in Egypt.

Australia provides evidence of ancient people with Vaishnava Marks.

Cookes Island,New Zealand,Nazca Lines of Peru are accurately described in the Kishkinta Kanda of Ramayana.

So are Wormholes described in the Ramayana.

Thirty nine archeological sites have been found in India that prove Mahabharata.

Ramayana landmarks described by Valmiki are exactky the same even today!

Greek Historians Strabo,Megasthanes describe Krishna and Shiva concepts having been appropriated and modified by Greeks.

Rig Veda is dated at 5000 years ago and is considered as the First Literary Work Of The World.

The first two lines of Purusha Smitha,A Vedic Mantra,when properly understood produces Electricity.A Bangalore Company is producing Batteries on this principles.

Pi Value was found by Indians.

Pi value is found in a prayer to Krishna.

Korean Queen was from Ayodhya.

Chatur Veda is found in Vietnam.

Cambodia had Hindu Temole Angkor Vat.

Siberians worship Ayur Devatas of Hinduism.

Australian tribes perform Shiva Trinetra Dance even today.

Aerial view of St.Peters ,Vatican looks like Shiva Linga with Base,Avudayar.

Kublai Khan consecrated a Shiva Temple in Mangolia.

Look at the architecture of Hindu temples.

Sculptures that look as Man in the frontal view and woman from behind,

Idols that change colors once a fortnight,five times a day,

Water drips on the Idol from somewhere which has no water source,

Idols that seem to look only at you,

Stone pillars that make basic seven notes of Carnatic Music,

Stone pillar that supports Roof does not rest on the ground,

Sun’s Rays fall on the Idol on a specific day:Specific Time,

Five Shiva Temples aligned at the same longitude,

Out of 23 Geometrically aligned sacred sites of the world,seven beling to Hinduism and the others converted from Hinduism,

Gayatri Mantra produces Sri Yantra,

Chamaka explains DNA strands…

The list is endless.

Sounds outrageous.


But proved.

But people do trust blindly history of Christ,Prophet,whose existence is not proved as scientifically as Rama’s or Krishna’s.

They take Bible as Gospel,which was complied three hundred years after the supposed Christ,by Constantine for political purposes.

Not the Vedas,which are dated by Etymology,references in Foreign sources of that time or immediately after that.

This statement is by the West.

Such is our Slavish mentality and contempt for our Culture and History imposed by Invaders and Colonialists, we refuse our hoary past and brand ourselves Liberals to seek acceptance by the West.

For such intellectual giants, I have provided sources whom they adore,the West, in my articles.

Less of Indian sources.


I shall continue my journey of ‘outrageous posts’, so long as they remain disproved, ridicules notwithstanding.

:Asato Ma Sat Gamaya, lead me from Untruth to Truth’

Posts on Pre Islamic Religion and Practices follow.

For more Outrageous Posts Part 1, 41 articles


3 responses to “Ramanis Posts ‘Outrageous’?”

  1. Truth is in the “Eye of the Beholder”. Therefore it is different for each person depending on their own personal paradigm. In Science there is only proof in math & logics, every other thing is not provable. Until one experiences for themselves and comes to a conclusion that is meaningful to themselves personally; it is not proof for any one else until they directly experience for themselves, something to become understood. When it comes to another persons beliefs, they may have an ulterior motive in their claims. So, when someone writes and claims something it must be known through direct experience for one to understand and therefore believe (not in blind Following). The whole of experience is to come to understanding your relationship to the whole; this is belief through “substance of works”. It is obvious that popular persons whom have lived in the past, leave impressions upon societies depending on there quality of motives. The people (historians ~ even the authors of the various books in collections of so called holy scriptures) whom write down such things for posterity or in claims of grandeur. Let us take the “Itihasas” for example. There are several different renditions of the Ramayana, which one are you to believe? Just as there are several renditions of Issas life or lack thereof (mainly because of fear for their life by becoming implicated and because it not being important to them) in the case of non religious commenting of politically charged religious happenings during their time. It is ludicrous and foolish to think just because you feel you have insufficient evidence, that those person or historical events never existed nor happened. It is difficult for an average person to know what is true and what is not. One usually has to have studied the phenomena in particular, in depth, to know what to look for and to be able to weed out obvious lies and misunderstandings of another’s experience and so, therefore are claims of uncertainty to an unexperienced questioning person. Most everything anyone else says, are just facts if true. If not true, then they are lies or misunderstandings at the very least. Facts are not Knowing, for facts can be manipulated! (i.e. statistics). Experience is knowing and that, cannot be manipulated nor handed down as Traditional Truth (except through Siddhis). A claim without being based in Physics/Metaphysics, without a method (Yoga/Tantra) that reveals a phenomena for experiencing at large, is not proof. Therefore information (facts) is not knowing, only experience is knowing. Remember information maybe useful but only when one can relate to it through personal experience.


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