Indians Righteous Free Never Invaded, Arrian Greek Historian 2 BC

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History of India handed over and is still being taught is filled with inaccuracies and misinformation.

Rulers of India, The British and Mughals were responsible then.

Now we have psudeo secularists.

The first history of India was James Stuart Mill, after of John Stuart Mill, the Mathematician Philosopher.

James Mill wrote the History of India, sitting in England at a salary of one thousand two hundred pounds per year.

He took seven years.

He never visited India.

Yet he asserts that Indians were a barbaric race, steeped in superstions.!

The book begins with a preface in which Mill tries to make a virtue of having never visited India and of knowing none of its native languages. To him, these are guarantees of his objectivity, and he boldly claims –

A duly qualified man can obtain more knowledge of India in one year in his closet in England than he could obtain during the course of the longest life, by the use of his eyes and ears in India.

However, Mill goes on in this preface to say that his work is a “critical, or judging history”, encompassing singularly harsh attacks on Hindu customs and a “backward” culture which he claims to be notable only for superstition, ignorance, and the mistreatment of women.

Other writers and missionaries followed suit to describe in the foulest terms.

Let us see what earlier Historians have to say on India and Indians.

The following excerpt is from the Greek Historian Arrian(2 BC),in His book Indica.

  • The southern Indians resemble the Ethiopians a good deal, and, are black of countenance, and their hair black also, only they are not as snub-nosed or so woolly-haired as the Ethiopians; but the northern Indians are most like the Egyptians in appearance.”
  • “No Indian ever went outside his own country on a warlike expedition, so righteous were they.”
  • “Indians do not put up memorials to the dead; but they regard their virtues as sufficient memorials for the departed, and the songs which they sing at their funerals.”
  • “This also is remarkable in India, that all Indians are free, and no Indian at all is a slave. In this the Indians agree with the Lacedaemonians. Yet the Lacedaemonians have Helotsfor slaves, who perform the duties of slaves; but the Indians have no slaves at all, much less is any Indian a slave.”
  • “The Indians generally are divided into seven castes, the wise men, farmers, herdsmen, artisans and shopkeepers, soldiers, overlookers, and government officials including army and navy officers.”
  • “The Indians in shape are thin and tall and much lighter in movement than the rest of mankind.”

Reference and Citation.
Arrian; Martin Hammond (Translator); John Atkinson (Translator) (2013). Alexander the Great: The Anabasis and the Indica. Oxford University Press. pp. xi–xiv. ISBN 978-0-19-958724-7.

One response to “Indians Righteous Free Never Invaded, Arrian Greek Historian 2 BC”

  1. I am your blogger fan. Always look forward for your blogs.

    Today I wanted to react to this so called narrative

    What a stupid argument..

    ..Indians never invaded anybody…

    .Bcoz indians are a divided lot. Always fighting among themselves.. counter me if anybody disagrees.. I get pissed off when I come across such statements…

    Pardon my language.. sir..



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