England was Englaland From India Sanatana Dharma Empire

Roman Empire Hadrian period. Image.png

When one checks the origin of peoples in Europe,one comes across statements like ‘there was a movement from the East,Asia and these people mingled with the locals’

The point is who were these people from the East,Asia?

And if therexwere people locally,where did they come come from?

I have addressed these issues in a series of articles Human Migration from India.

All the races,regions trace their origins to what is now India,then called Bharatvarsha.

The evidence is from archaeology,Linguistics,Cultural behaviour,Astronomylocal legends and religious roots.

Sananatana dharma is found in all cultures ,civilizations without exception.

Please Google country name +ramanan50 to get articles.

Now to England.

I had earlier touched upon the Vikrama Calendar was followed by England.

The curious fact is that England, Wales and Scotland were following the Vikrama Samvatsara till 1752 when they changed it.

Yet another proof of India having once ruled England is the fact that until 1752 A.D. the English New Year began on March 25.

That is the exact time of the year when the Indian New Year begins.

In 1752 by an act of Parliament England arbitrarily changed over to January 1 as the New Year Day.

As March 25 marks the beginning of the Indian Vikram Samvat it is plausible that England was part of Vikramaditya’s Indian empire.

Please read my article Vikramaditya Date and His World Kingdom

 Source.  https://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2016/12/27/england-followed-hindu-vikrama-saka-calendar-before-1752/

People of England buried their Dead in Hindu way.

Brahmins and many communities resort to burning.

In the case of a Sanyasi,the body is buried after breaking a Coconut on the head, while keeping the palms folded as in welcome or Thank you,Namste posture.

Many of the Hindu customs were followed by other civilizations.

However the custom of burying with palms folded was strictly followed by the English when the buried their Royalty and Nobles,thus reaffirming the presence and influence of Sanatana Dharma in England.

Ancient English burial.image
English buried with folded hands

The English buried their dead with their Palms folded in Vedic/Hindu tradition.

‘Statues or dead royalty and other elite in Westminster Abbey, London may be seen by the score with their palms joined in homage at death in the Vedic tradition.’

Source.  https://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/english-buried-bodies-indian-vedic-way-namasthe-posture/ 

The name England is from the term Englaland,land of Angels.

The Angles (LatinAnglii) were one of the main Germanic peoples who settled in Great Britain in the post-Roman period. They founded several of the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, and their name is the root of the name England. The name comes from the district of Angeln, an area located on the Baltic shore of what is now Schleswig-Holstein.’

Source.   https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angles

1.Bharatvarsha extended to Russia and Baltic States.

2.Caspian sea was called Kashyap Sagar.

3.European languages descended from Proto Indo European languages.

4. To the view that the English are from Germanic tribes,the German tribes were from India and River Danube is named after Danu.

4.The term for land,location in Sanskrit is ‘Sthan’

5.One can find Afghanisthan,Kryghisthan……

6.Englaland,England,land of Angels is from Englastan.

7.’the name ‘Balt’. ‘Balt’ is said to derive from the name of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea was known as Mare Suebicum or Mare Sarmaticum up until 11th century. Tacitus, a Roman historian of the 1st century, in his work ‘Agricola and Germania’, dated to 98 AD,  stated that Mare Suebicum was named for the Suebi or Suevi tribe (Suevi translates as ‘our own people’ in the Baltic culture) – a large group of people who lived in Germania that were first mentioned by Julius Caesar. Etymologists trace the name Suevi from the Indo-European root ‘swe’, which is the same as the Sanskrit ‘sva’ (स्व) meaning ‘self’. 

Even when the Russians, Poles and others finally accepted Christianity about a 1000 years ago, the Balts retained their pagan religion called Romuva for another four centuries. The Romuvans were fire-worshippers and kept their sacred eternal fire burning in the pagan temple in Vilnius. People still worshipped Perkunas, the Romuvan ‘god of rain & thunder’, who it is said is none other than the Vedic Parjanya, another name for Lord Indra. Parjanya (पर्जन्य) also has the meaning of ‘rain-cloud’ in Sanskrit.’


Image credit for Folded hands.


2 responses to “England was Englaland From India Sanatana Dharma Empire”

  1. The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE and replaced the Roman calendar.
    So please stop spreading falsehood and getting credit on other’s achievements. Whole world was full of stupids only you sanatanis were smart, talented and intellectuals.
    Happy ! Keep it up, you Indians are master in this art and thats why had to be salved for 1000 years.
    Damn with you.


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