Rama Foot Prints 1.2 Million Years At Uttarkhand?

I have written on the 196 places visited by Lord Rama in India.


The events narrated in the Valmiki Ramayana , it is astonishing, are corroborated by local legends, called Sthala Puran, though the language and the practices of the people in these areas are not the same.

The language differs, but the facts of Ramayana , narrated by Valmiki, remain the same, whether it be related to Assam, Gujarat, Uttarkahand or Rameshwaram.

Ramayana facts are validated by C 14,Infra red, thermal Imaging,Tectonic shifts and Astronomy.

Places visited by Rama, Valmiki Ramayana
196 Places visited by Rama

There is  an ancient imprint on a Rock in Uttarkhand.

The rock has  a pair of foot prints and both of them seem to have been made by those wearing wooden sandals.

These rock prints are reportedly made about a 1000 years ago.

The hole in this date is that , for a footprint to have made an impression on a rock, the rock should have been soft enough to take the imprint.

There seems to be no such ancient rock that was as soft as to take the impression.

Even the date of Rama, which is around 5114 BC, may not be correct.

The date should be pushed back to Treta Yuga, which is the period Valimiki assigns to Ramayana.

The duration of the Satya-yuga is therefore 4,800 x 360, or 1,728,000 years. The duration of the Tretā-yuga is 3,600 x 360, or 1,296,000 years. The duration of the Dvāpara-yuga is 2,400 x 360, or 864,000 years. And the last, the Kali-yuga, is 1,200 x 360, or 432,000 years.

That is ,

4,32,000 plus

8,64,000 equals

12,96,000 years Or

1.2 Million years ago.

The rock must have been soft enough to take the impression of footprints.L

Look at this misinformation about the rocks.

Geological evidence confirms that the rocks found in Indian Plates are much earlier than what is found in Europe,though the rocks with imprints are only 345,000 years old, they are stated to be the oldest in the world,while the imprint in India is 1.2 Million Years old!

It’s official: the oldest human footprints ever found are 345,000 years old, give or take 6000. Known as the “devils’ trails”, they have been preserved in volcanic ash atop the Roccamonfina volcano in Italy.

The prints were first described to the world by Paolo Mietto and colleagues of the University of Padova in Italy in 2003 after amateur archaeologists pointed them out.

At the time, the team estimated that the prints were anywhere between 385,000 and 325,000 years old, based on when the volcano was thought to have last erupted.

Now, Stéphane Scaillet and colleagues at the Laboratory of Climatic and Environmental Sciences, France, have used argon dating techniques to verify the prints’ age.’

from New Scientist.


“Their more rigorous methods confirm that these are the oldest human footprints ever found,” says Mietto. The new findings also confirm that the owners of the footprints were Homo heidelbergensis


Foot prints found are eleven inches by five inches and ten inches by four and half inches. It resembles to the foot wearing sandals made of wood.

Human Footprints on granite rock
Palkot ,Jharkand Footprints India.Rama and Sita’s?


‘Two pair of Human foot prints which I encountered some 40 kms west of Ranchi city of Jharkhand State of India is little different with other common foot prints found in other parts of the world. Toes are absent. The foot prints seem to be imprinted in the granite rocks by the earlier habitants of the area. Villagers believe that these foot prints belong to the Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman. Both stayed here for few days on their way to Pampapur (now Palkot in Jharkhand) for search of Ram’s wife Sita. There is a description of PAMPAPUR located on RISHIMUKH PARVAT in RAMAYANA. Villagers believe that the ancient PAMPAPUR is today’s PALKOT. This fact is proven by a number of places of Ramayana era in its neighborhood such as ANJAN, where Lord HANUMAN born, RAMREKHA DHAM that is the place where Lord Ram and Sita spent some times in their exile, UMRA where the hill is similar to KISKINDHA etc. PAMPASAR, a pond spread in about 1000 Sq.ft, is considered as a place of mother PUMPABHAWANI and a hidden way door to some place. It is a holy pond situated on the upper part of PAMPAPUR Mountain.

Reference and citation.


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9 responses to “Rama Foot Prints 1.2 Million Years At Uttarkhand?”

  1. Sir excellent write up.. my question is.. is it possible to calculate the height of Lord Rama based on the measurement..


  2. sir, i have one more thing to tell you on happenings within the last two years: that of disappearing aeroplanes in the triangle Indonesia+Andaman islands+ chennai. can there be another Bermuda triangle emergng in this part of the world? how can we find this out?


    • We have one in Devils sea(south china sea) .The cases you have mentioned seem to be because of human error or mechanical malfunction. We have to wait for more instances.


  3. sir, there is a mention of Lord Rama in vishnu purana or some related epic wherein Lord Hanuman is humbled by shri rama himself at a sea shore. hanuman is reuturning with Ma Sita’s ring when he lands in the sea shore, he has the urge to pass urine. obviously he cant do that with the ring in his person. so he looks for a suitable place/person to safe keep it for a few minutes. sure enough, he finds a sanyasi with a kamandal meditating. He approaches him and tells him his dilemma. the sanyasi replies, “go ahead, put the ring in the kamandal urself and come and fetch it yourself.” Hanuman does this and when he comes back for the ring, he finds tens of rings inside the kamandal. astonished, he asks the sanyasi about it. the sanyasi replies, “so many rams and so many hanumans came here, deposited their rings and gone without picking it up.” if it is so important for you, you should know yours, so pick ur ring and be on your way”. Lord Hanuman then realizes that his was not a sole operation and humbly falls at the sanyasi’s feet begging his forgiveness.

    the above anecdote is not out of place, you must have heard about it earlier, if so, please excuse me for relating it now. my point is, if Ramayana took place 1. million years from now, surely there is a huge time gap between ramayana and mahabharat (BC 3000). could there be a cyclical phenomenon in between?

    i enjoy your writing soooo much. please keep educating us laymen.



    • Yes. Time is cylic . It recoils on itself. Please read my article Time non linear Cylic, Ramas death precedes Krishnas 200 years. Regards


  4. You seem to be scholarly person but you mix up myths with reality or facts.
    To start with, I am concerned about Rama, was he real or Valmiki built his epic on a character.
    Since I do not delve or interested whether Rama was real, I let go.
    But one must imagine the world 2000 years ago when Valmiki might have lived.
    How did people travel or how well they knew the geography of things around them.
    But they must have had some knowledge.
    How fast did people travel? How ell were horse driven chariots built?
    But building myths was a commerce, inviting people to the shrines and asking for an offering.
    One can see that today also.
    This email is not to offend your belief, but I would be terribly upset if my child’s life revolved
    around such NONSENSE, to put it bluntly.
    It is one thing to learn and wonder about ancient temples, you find them in South America also.
    Books have been published linking the Mayan sturctures to Hindu temples.

    Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 03:36:49 +0000
    To: kpichoo@hotmail.com


  5. On 23rd July 2016, I had the pleasure to listen a temple serving person in Kalakad, Tirunelveli who showed me a STONE SIRPAM in our temple architecture that showed Agasthiar with Sivalingam, that had imprints of legs on the Linga.

    He explained a story in which, first Agastier did not accept the foot prints to be of Lord Rama, but subsequently accepted that.

    Even today the said work is supposed to be available near Papanasam near Kutralam falls. What I saw was only a reproduction in our village temple but made some during 7th century. Rama is supposed to have visited our village and also named Shiva there as Sathyawageeswara.

    And I am no expert in history to proove what I heard.




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