Great Pyramid Sphinx Built By Mahabali Onam Reference?

Events mentioned in the Hindu Texts,Vedas,Purana,Ithihasa,Ramayana and Mahabharata lend themselves to three meanings.

1.The literal, word to word meaning that is verifiable

2.The philosophical meaning and

3. Tantric or esoteric meaning that would aid one in self realization.

Gaza Great Pyramid
Great Pyramid, Gaza

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I have detailed the Fourteen lokas mentioned in Hinduism in my earlier article.

I have also referred ho the places mentioned as in Patala loka correspond to places found in the world today.

Hinduism Fourteen Lokas Multiverse Study

Americas are a part of Patala Loka

Naturally formed Vishnu temple is in Colorado,US.

So are the Quadrilateral Temple of Shiva in US, Hanuman and His son Makaradwaja’s temple In Mexico, Honduras,Marriage customs in central America follow Hindus,caste system of Sanatana dharma was present in  central America , festivals like Makara Sankaranti were celebrated Tamil Style there.

I have articles on these issues.

Hinduism  states that the earth is hollow and there are beings that live there and modern research proves this

I have written on this in my post Hollow Earth Hinduism.

Researches by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval as 10,500 BC as the date when the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were constructed in Egypt.

Vishnu as Vamana and Mahabali
Vishnu as Vamana

‘Since I identify Rasatala with east coast of Africa, it follows that the civilization that created these structures could be belonging to the Asura Daitya tribe of Mahabali (his predecessors or successors).

Africa (including Egypt) also falls midway to Patala (identified with South America and Meso America) which was the final destination of Mahabali as per the Onam myth.

As per this myth Mahabali was sent to Rasatala and Patala by a Kasyapa sage named Vamana who famously measured the Earth in three strides (an allusion to the cartographic measurement of the surface of Earth marking its longitude and latitude).Kerala has yet another calender with New Year (named Vishu, Vaishakhi) celebrated on the day when sun is in the middle of constellation of Aries (skt. Mesha, mal. Medam) around April 15. This calender is the remnant of another ancient calender system when Vernal Equinox was in the middle of constellation of Aries (corresponding to 3100 BCE). Modern Western Astrology which which considers Aries as the first constellation, originated in 2150 BCE in Greece. India’s national calender, (current version:- Saka Era which started at 78 CE) too consider Aries as the first constellation of the year.}’


‘In Kerala, Onam is celebrated when the Moon is at the star Sravana during the month when Sun is in the constellation of Leo (skt. Simha, mal. Chingam). People of Kerala, Malayalis, celebrate New Year on the day when the sun enters the constellation of Leo following a calender named ‘Kolla Varsham’. The current version of this calender started in common era 825 CE (the year of death of the famous sage Sankaracharya / the date when the city Kollam is reopened after it was destroyed due to a natural disaster). However this calendar is the remnant of a much ancient calender established when Vernal Equinox was in the constellation of Leo, around 10,500 BCE to 8000 BCE.’

It may be mentioned that Onam festival is celebrated in Kerala ,India as the day of remembrance  of Mahabali who was pushed back into Earth by Vamana , an Avatar of Vishnu.

This event might be an allegory just as the Naabhi of Vishnu(belly button) from which Brahma sprang forth to create the World is the explanation of an Astronomical event.

I have written  on this in detail

14 Patala-loka
13 Rasatala-loka
12 Mahatala-loka
11 Talatala-loka
10 Sutala-loka
09 Vitala-loka
08 Atala-loka
07 Bhur-loka
06 Bhuvar-loka
05 Svar-loka
04 Mahar-loka
03 Jana-loka
02 Tapa-loka
01 Satya-loka

These are the Fourteen Lokas stated in Hinduism

Reference and citation.

Pyramid Image Credit.

Vamana Image credit


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