Virochana Prahlads Son Incas Peru Founder Tamil Connection?

Shiva is credited with the founding of the Tamil Language and reported to have presided over the First Tamil Poets' Conclave in Thenmadurai,which was in Lemuria. For more on this line of thought please check my articles on Lemuria,Shiva. Being devotees of Shiva and Asuras the Hiranyakasipu clan might have moved or conquered Latin America from the Dravida Desa(south). Only this can account for the Tamil Practices and Sanatana Dharma being practiced by the Incas. This fusion of Tamil and Sanatana Dharma is unique. The artifacts found in Peru,Paraguay resemble Ancient Indian ornaments. And there is this treasure of the Incas which is being hunted by the bounty hun

Mahabali Founded Bali Discovered Americas Polynesia South East Asia?

Kerala was a part of Tamil kingdom in Lemuria and Lemurians were referred to as the Southerners,Dravida and were reported to be in Patala,down the earth. The territories we call as south east Asia Australia were in the south. One must remember that the landmass of the earth was different then. Lemuria and MU territories encompassed these areas. Ramayana and Sumerian texts state that Lemurians lived there. Shiva,who predates Sanatana Dharma was in the south. Shiva's trishul marks are found as Nazca lines in Peru. The Incas,Mayas were the descendants of the Tamils.

Great Pyramid Sphinx Built By Mahabali Onam Reference?

Rasatala with east coast of Africa, it follows that the civilization that created these structures could be belonging to the Asura Daitya tribe of Mahabali (his predecessors or successors). Africa (including Egypt) also falls midway to Patala (identified with South America and Meso America) which was the final destination of Mahabali as per the Onam myth.

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Vishnu Propped Up Mahabali Hari Nama Mala By Mahabali Text Video

The Bhagavata Purana reads "He (Vishnu) will take the kingdom away from Purandara (Lord Indra) and give it to Bali Maharaja." Composition of song: King Mahabali had composed a beautiful song 'Hari Nama Mala Stotram" in honour of Lord Vishnu. Pandit Jasraj has a famous Bhajan by the name of 'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya'.