Three Vamana Avatars?

I came across a reference that one of the Avatars of Vishnu had three manifestations!

And that is Vamana, the Dwarf Avatar to correct the errant Mahabali.

After being granted three steps by his feet, Vamana took Cosmic Form, measured by one foot, the earth:the second Heavens and the the third, for want of place, Mahabalis Head.

Vamana then pushed Mahabali down the earth.

Vamana also granted the boon to Mahabali to visit his subjects once a year and this day is celebrated as Onam Festival by people from Kerala.

Vamana is the child of Adhitya and Kashyapa and Vamana, an Avatar of Vishnu is listed as one of the twelve Adityas(all born of Adithi and Kasyapa) along with Vishnu, one of the Three Divinities of Hinduism.

And this is rare.

None of the Avatars of Vishnu is listed as an Aditya.

There is also some reference in later texts there were three Vamana Avatars!

I am reproducing the information below.

To the best of knowledge there is no authentic source for the three Vamana Avatars in the Eighteen Puranas, Upapuranas and the Ithihasas.

But according to Rupa Goswami, an Acharya of the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect (which the popular organization ISKCON is a part of), this isn’t the first time that Vishnu has incarnated as a dwarf; here is what he says in his Laghu-Bhagavatamrita:

Lord Vamana appeared three times in this kalpa. During the reign of the first (Svayambhuva) Manu, He visited the sacrifice performed by Vaskala, the king of the danavas. Then, in the reign of Vaivasvata Manu, and visited the sacrifice performed by Dhundhu. Then, in the seventh catur-yuga of that manvantara, He appeared as the son of Kasyapa and Aditi. In this way, to accept a donation, He appeared three times as Lord Trivikrama.

The third incarnation is the famous one I discussed above. But my question is, what is the story of Vishnu’s two earlier Vamana incarnations, involving Vashkala and Dhundhu? Are these described in Hindu scriptures?

Are there any commentaries on Rupa Goswami’s work that shed light on this?’

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