108 Tandavas of Shiva List

I am furnishing a list of the 108 Tandavas of Shiva.

I shall be writing on the Tandavas in detail.

Shiva Tandava.jpg Shiva Tandava.

  1. ThalapushpapudamThandavam
  2. VarthithamThandavam
  3. LalithorukamThandavam
  4. AbaviththamThandavam
  5. SamangamThandavam
  6. LeenamThandavam
  7. SwasthikareshithamThandavam
  8. ManadalashswasthikamThandavam
  9. NiruttakamThandavam
  10. ArththaniruttakamThandavam
  11. KadichchinnamThandavam
  12. ArththareshithagamThandavam
  13. VasashwashthikamThandavam
  14. UnthmaththagamThandavam
  15. ShwashtikamThandavam
  16. BirushtaswashthikamThandavam
  17. ThiksswashthikamThandavam
  18. AlaathakamThandavam
  19. KadeesamamThandavam
  20. AshipthareshithamThandavam
  21. VishipthashipthakamThandavam
  22. ArththaswasthikamThandavam
  23. AnchithamThandavam
  24. BujangathrashithamThandavam
  25. OorththuvajanuThandavam
  26. NigunjithamThandavam
  27. MaththalliThandavam
  28. ArththamaththalliThandavam
  29. ReshithaniguttithamThandavam
  30. PaathaabaviththamThandavam
  31. LalithamThandavam
  32. KoornithamThandavam
  33. LalithamThandavam
  34. ThandabatchamThandavam
  35. BujangathrasthareshithamThandavam
  36. NooburamThandavam
  37. SyvasagareshithamThandavam
  38. BrahmaragamThandavam
  39. SadhuramThandavam
  40. BujankaanchithagamThandavam
  41. ThandagareshithamThandavam
  42. ViruchigakuttithamThandavam
  43. KadippranthamThandavam
  44. LathaviruchagamThandavam
  45. SinnamThandavam
  46. ViruchigareshithamThandavam
  47. ViruchigamThandavam
  48. IvyamsithamThandavam
  49. ParsuvaniguttagamThandavam
  50. LalaadathilagamThandavam
  51. KiranthagamThandavam
  52. KunchithamThandavam
  53. SakramandalamThandavam
  54. UromandalamThandavam
  55. AashibthamThandavam
  56. ThalavilasithamThandavam
  57. ArkkalamThandavam
  58. VitchipthamThandavam
  59. AavarththamThandavam
  60. DolaapaathamThandavam
  61. VivirththamThandavam
  62. VinivirththamThandavam
  63. PaatchuvakraanthamThandavam
  64. NisthambithamThandavam
  65. VithyuthpranthamThandavam
  66. AthikranthamThandavam
  67. VivarththikamThandavam
  68. GajakreedithagamThandavam
  69. ThalasamspodithamThandavam
  70. GarudapluthagamThandavam
  71. GandasoosiThandavam
  72. ParivirththamThandavam
  73. PaarsuvajanuThandavam
  74. KiruthravaleenagamThandavam
  75. SannathamThandavam
  76. SoosiThandavam
  77. ArththasoosiThandavam
  78. SoosiviththamThandavam
  79. AbakraanthamThandavam
  80. MayooralalithamThandavam
  81. SarppithamThandavam
  82. ThandapaathamThandavam
  83. HarinapluthamThandavam
  84. PrengkolithamThandavam
  85. NithambamThandavam
  86. SkalithamThandavam
  87. KarihasthagamThandavam
  88. PrasarppithagamThandavam
  89. SimmavikreedithamThandavam
  90. SinkaakarshithagamThandavam
  91. UthruththamThandavam
  92. UbasirythagamThandavam
  93. ThalasangkattithamThandavam
  94. AynithamThandavam
  95. AvakiththagamThandavam
  96. NivasamThandavam
  97. ElakaakkireedithamThandavam
  98. OoruthviruththamThandavam
  99. MathaskalithamThandavam
  100. VishnukkiraanthamThandavam
  101. SampraanthamThandavam
  102. VishkambamThandavam
  103. UthkattithamThandavam
  104. VirushabakkireedithamThandavam
  105. LolithamThandavam
  106. NagaapasarppithamThandavam
  107. SagadasyamThandavam
  108. GangavatharanamThandavam



By Ramanis blog

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  1. Why ,draupady , ganga , bhooma devi , saraswaties . sitas , and other devies and other good peoples were always and again and again insulted and were victim of cruielties and crimes .and why girls like taraka(tataka) and her mother and her souls were accused and became culprits and why could not become good humans and peoples like others . why peoples became so bad and wrong even girl and ladies insulted ladies ,

    Was kunti and kunti’s humans and other souls were real cuilprits , in the 2012 ,13 ,2014 were beaten and killed very badlly by the gods like bharama , guru bhiraspati ,dakshina moorti , two goddess might be ganga and draupadi and other gods like may be ram ,krishna , and others

    Were putana , who tried to kill krishna by making drink milk and other women ,like holika and other womens and others were culprits or were became the cuplprits of wrong and bad traditions or bad karmas of karmas or some other traditions

    Why krishna ,rama ,shiva and others mahans elder peoples were good peoples and indras and others peoples were bad
    crores and crores have been destroyed and are being buried alive under earths , throughwn into hells and made landless ,
    why others peoles could not become good humans and good peoples

    who were those peoples , which has been and being killed ,destroyieded ,
    whose generations were , why were bad peoples , were really bad , why
    could not became good peoples ,

    Were rama and ravana were
    enemy ? , if i am not wrong rama shakti and murgan and veerbhadra are
    same avatars .(savarupnaga , ravana sister and sita might had been the close
    relative) .
    which peoples would had some wrong and intercaste marrages . intercaste marrages would had been the cause of quarrels there would had been great conspirancies to kill the peoples. which were from the westren and south westron parts of himayalas .in many stories of dakasa prajapati story also many wrong and multy wifes and mishappenigs happened . ( peoples which had to make lifes good and better , used the criminals ,enemities and wrong ideas and methods for spoiling and destroying the lifes )

    Culprits and cruel peoples , who had done cruelities
    on brahma and saraswati , and ganga and sita , ahiyilia , draupdi and on
    many goddesses and gods ,and on good peoples ,

    crores and crores of peoples are being killed ,destryoed in such a way no one can find out , and given different shapes and made to bad brains and minds ,
    genetical deshaped and disorded to lusty and bad brains and bad minds .
    are made from single soul to multy humans souls to suffer and painful
    creatures to never become humans and buried alive under earth and even
    killed into stomaches and made to toilets and throughn into hells like

    {my views , which i found some what truth )my views may or may not be acceptable truth.}

    Many ramayanas are there , like valmiki ,vashist ,kamb, ramanujan ,ramayanaa are few of many other versons of ramayana ,
    what is the meaning of ramayana found ,– ramayana = ram +ayan ( ayan meaning came ) ,

    to some stories ahyilyia was cursed by gotham rishi , Ahalya was
    converted to stone ,As for Ahalya, Gautama granted her the boon that she
    would be brought back to human form by the touch of the feet of Lord
    Rama .
    so rama avatar would had been made (incarnated) ,thus how many ramas would had been created ,

    would gotham rishi would be knowing about rama avatar ?

    ramayana so many ahilya versons are there ,( like in a verson , ganga
    tells to gautam , it is mid night not the bath time go to home and see
    some thing would have been wrong ) .

    how many Ahilyas storeies
    would had been made and how many gautams would had been made and how
    many ahilyas lifes would had been spoiled ,how many indras would had
    been made and how many girls/boys souls would had been made to sit in
    hen or cock and make sound (cock crow) .thus how many would had been
    made culprits ,sinners ,bad brains ,bad habituals of bad acts and bad
    karma .
    and those cuilprits , sinners are/would had been made to quarrel and killed in the wars of ramanyana .?

    , would had took placed for the revenges and the cruelties happened on
    ladies ( like savarupnakha ,sita ) . to show the cruelities ,gamblings
    were played and sarees were made to removed

    like ramayana vishvamitra story would have many versons and vishvamitras

    would had been happened for revenges of ramayana and ramayana would had
    been happened for ahiylia and what would be reason behind ahiliyia
    insult was conspirancies or any ones evil idea .

    really how many
    would had been real culptits and how many would had been created and how
    many would had been victims of vengences and eneyminities and how many
    peoples souls would had been killed

    killed peoples would had been
    given births to different parents , differnt mothers ,different fathers
    , and thus differnt marrages would had taken places in past birth some
    ones mothers would had been wife of some another person .and some wrong
    and illigal methods and would had been used like rapes for the birth and
    for enemities and revenges .
    thus quarrels would had been on increasing ,and peoples and souls became culprits and victims .
    to one of the satguru video in the past arround 18 millions years 1.8
    crores years ago and one of the papa ji ( h.l. punja ) video , arround
    80 millilons years ,8 crores years ago some incarnations had took placed
    and some wrong things and wrong marrages and wrong interchanged
    childrens were given births by the other not by their husbands .
    like this millions and millions peoples are accused .

    ( peoples which had to make lifes good and better , used the criminals
    ,and wrong ideas and methods for spoiling and destroying the lifes )

    More than 99 % of peoples, gods ,souls had been inocents ,had not been
    victims . if polatictics , conspirancies , crimanilites ,some wrong
    traditions and some wrong rules of few from the ancient times would had
    not been made.

    why the wrong and mishappenings happened and
    happenings from the very ancient times , why peoples went wrong for
    wrong marrages wrong acts
    Why the gods , devatas , peoples and
    humans became wrong of bad wisdoms and wrong acts and bad karmas ,crores
    and crores of peoples ,were all the peoples were bad .why became bad
    instead of becoming good humans and peoples


  2. ‘ tat ‘ ( तत् , tat means that )
    because of millions and millions even billions lifes have been spoiled and are being spioled .

    what is the truth behind ‘ tat ‘
    to show the truth of ‘ tat ‘ , how many ‘ karams’ or epics would had been created or took placed .
    perhaps ,because of ‘ tat ‘ ahyilia would had been insulted ,ramayan , mahabharata , would had took placed and
    crimes and cruelities at the time of daksh prajapati and vishvamitra times .
    because of the karma of karams , how many brains would had been spoiled to bad brains and bad wisdoms ,
    how many would had been the victims of cruielities and insults ,
    how many would had been to be lusty (prurient
    कामी, नीच अभिलाषा का ) and insulter and down fall
    millions and millions even billions lifes and souls have been spoiled ,deshaped to unhuman shapes ,buried alive under earth and throughn in hells with pains and sufferings to suffer infinites .
    countless has been destroyed with pain and sufferings in the stomaches and in body parts.
    how many families , mothers, fathers ,childrens ,kith and kins are being spoiled
    who was that’ tat ‘ what was truth behind the tat
    why would had took the karam’ tat’


  3. Ramani Sir! It was a pleasant surprise to know that there were so many types of Tandavas. It would be definately possible in the ancient past to have 108 types of tandavas. There is a definate pattern in all types of ancient arts to have a classification of varieties running upto the ultimate figure of 108 (most elobotrate and perfect). Thanks for listing all the names. Kindly take the leadership to bring this for some type of DANCE PERFORMANCE LIKE TANDAVA FESTIVAL etc.


  4. Poglej Ramani, če objavljaš angleško stran, zakaj zavijati v tančice skrivnosti besede, da jih pišeš v sanskrtu ali podobnem jeziku.


  5. Hello Sir. I have been regularly following your blog. I regularly practice Bharatanatyam. Shiva’s tandavas are 7 in number – Ananda Tandavam, Gowri Tandavam, Urdhuva Tandavam, Rudra Tandavam, Samhara Tandavam, Tripura Tandavam, and Sandhya Tandavam. The above 108 are the Karanas (Limb movements) of Lord Shiva. They can be found in ancient temple inscriptions. I am not sure why the above are called Tandavams. Could you kindly highlight the source and enlighten me? Thanks, Shri Abirami


    1. Karanas are synchronized movement of the limbs in a Dance(loosely called as Tandava), while Tandava includes the whole ethos of Dancing, including Bhava, expressions.Now Tandava and Karana are used interchangeably.I may be wrong as I am no expert.


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