Poems That Killed ,Revived Kalidasa Nandhik Kalambakam

It is the practice of brahmin households to prohibit people from saying words that are inauspicious.

To drive home this point, it is said that there are Asthu Devatas who say’Asthu’ (May It Be”, and the inauspicious things might take place.

Yatha Bhaavo That Bhavathi,

As your dispositions, so are the Happenings.

Lord Krishna , while talking about Satva, Rajas and Tamo Gunas in the Bhagavad Gita observes that one becomes what one eats and what he thinks.

Indian culture and Religion repeatedly emphasize the concurrence of Thought and deed.

In one place, Krishna states that to attract the sin of Killing one need not commit Murder, the very thought would do!

So one is advised to think , speak and do good.

On the Philosophical side, Savitri is the Stage when the thoughts remain as thoughts on the verge of becoming words.

Once Sarasvati touches it, the thoughts become words.

Please read my Post.

The primordial sound is Pranava, the First Cause, Brahman is Attributed with it.

One has to be careful in what he/she utters.

Words become very powerful in the hands of a Master craftsman like Kalidasa or a Spiritual Leader Liked Swami Vivekananda.

His famous quote,

Kalidasa,Sanskrit Poet.jpg Kalidasa,Sanskrit Poet.

‘Arise, Awake, Stop not ‘

became powerful and ushered in resurgence.

Ordinary words, but when uttered by a spiritual man, they become powerful.

Let me narrate, quote two incidents from Indian History.

For me things handed down by my ancestors is History.

Not what others write from another country.

I shall not use the term Folk lore as this term now is considered to be a pack of lies or result of Imagination.

In the cases I am about to mention these verses are facts.

As to their application the original authors must rise from the Dead.

Kalidasa and Bhoja(Bhoja is considered to be Vikramadhitya and there is a controversy on this ‘I shall be writing on this.

‘The king knew well the talent of Kalidasa as a poet especially the innumerable ways of bringing simile in his poems. He developed a strange interest, knew not why, but he desired Kalidasa to sing the last song for him before he died. Normally the ‘ charama sloka’ is sung only after a person is dead. Kalidasa, therefore made it clear to the king that as he was blessed by Kali Devi if he sang the song, the king ‘s life would come to an end immediately. Bhoja raja got angry with Kalidasa for disobeying his order and banished him from the capital of ‘ Tara’.

Kalidasa wandered in the city of Tara in the disguise of a hermit . But the King could not get over his strange wish. He launched a search to find Kalidasa’s whereabouts and for this purpose he disguised himself as a ‘ Sooth Sayer ‘ . The king spotted the sanyasi near a mutton shop and to make sure that he was none other than Kalidasa he enquired him, ” You are a Sanyasi, how come you are seen near a mutton shop , Is it not unbecoming of a true sanyasi?”

Kalidasa, impulsively reacted to the remarks of thr Sooth Sayer but unfortunately let the cat out of the bag by saying, ” Where else a person can go after his banishment by the king?”. On hearing this, the king became sure that he was Kalidasa only. The King decided to play a strategy to make Kalidasa to sing the last song for him. He continued the conversation with Kalidasa.

In due course Kalidasa also enquired the Sooth Sayer where from he hailed. The Sooth Sayer replied ” Tara” .

Kalidasa with genuine interest in the welfare of King Bhoj enquired him for the news of Tara and whether the King Bhoj was keeping sound health. The Sooth Sayer replied ,” Oh, what a calamity, Bhoj King is dead as he was unable to bear the separation from his best friend and poet Kalidasa”. Kalidasa was shattered to hear the sad news about his friend and with great grief sang the ‘ charama sloka’ in praise of the departed soul!!

( meaning :- The Kingdom of Tara is now deserted due to the demise of Bhoj Raj. The learned poets would get punished anywhere now as Goddess Saraswathi has lost the grip and interest.)
The moment Kalidasa sang the charama sloka, the King in thedisguise of the’ Sooth Sayer ‘ fell down on the ground and died. Kalidasa was quick to realise that it was none other than his best friend and the King himself who acted as the Sooth Sayer to hear the charama sloka from him.

Kalidasa prayed to Kali Devi to spare his friend by singing the same sloka to give the opposite meaning:-


Kali Devi was moved by Kalidasa’s poetry and gave a new lease of life to the King but restricted it to a time of 3.75 Nazhi. ( a very short time only)

Kalidasa embraced the King and told about the short life at his disposal. King Bhoj urged to compose Kalidasa an epic and Bhoj also joined him to make it.The kavya is well-known as” Bhoj Sambu ” ..

Nandhi Kalambakam, Tamil.

King Parameshwara Varma, A Pallava, from Kanchipuram died leaving his second wife and her three children uncared for.

They were driven out by the new King,.

Those driven out vowed that they would regain the Kingdom.

While the two elder brothers chose to fight it out, Nandi varman was advised that he could kill the King by Tamil Poem!

he chose this option and became a scholar in Tamil.

His fame reached the King.

He , in the meanwhile lost interest in Kingdom and was totally devoted to Tamil saying that after learning Tamil deeply, these worldly things did not matter and he would pursue Tamil full-time.

The King called for him and asked him to sing a series of songs on him in the kalambakam format.

This format is a special one.

I shall Post separately.

Nadhivarma informed his brother that his rendering of the 100 poems in kalambakam Format would kill the king.

The King replied that if by his death, Tamil would gain such a gem of a Poem, he was willing to die.

So hundred Pandals, Shamianas were erected , 99 were empty and the last one had he King seated.

As Nandhi Kalambakam by Nadhivarma was in progress, the Pandals caught fire, and turned into ashes at the end of each Poem

When the last Poem was sung, the King and the last Pandal caught fire and the King died.

This is the Poem.

வானுறு மதியை அடைந்ததுன் வதனம்
மறிகடல் புகுந்ததுன் கீர்த்தி
கானுறு புலியை அடைந்ததுன் வீரம்
கற்பகம் அடைந்ததுன் கரங்கள்
தேனுறு மலராள் அரியிடம் புகுந்தாள்
செந்தழல் அடைந்ததுன் தேகம்
நானும் என்கலியும் எவ்விடம் புகுவேம்
நந்தியே நந்தயா பரனே.

Rough Translation.

Your Face become the Moon.

Fame, the Ocean.

Valour, the Tiger,

Hands-the Karpaga vruksha, (that gives whatever one wishes for),

Wealth, Lakshmi Reached Hari(Vishnu)

Where would we go,,Me and My Tamil”

To conclude that this is quite possible and let me narrate an incident from the Great Tamil Poet  Kannadasan’s Life.

( I had the honor of knowing him personally)

When Nehru died , he wrote an eulogy on him in Tamil weekly Kumudam( The magazine is being published even now)

The next day, his perfectly healthy grand child died.

Kannadasan said that even while writing the verse I knew that this poem consisted Aram.

Aram means, in this context, certain words ,though unintended, might harm.

The general meaning of Aram is Dharma.

I would never write an eulogy in future.

He followed this.

People may be aware that the legendary TMS, TM Soundararajan of Tamil Film industry lost his market after singing a song reluctantly in T.Rajendar’s ‘OruThalai Ragam..

Such is he power of language!

Readers from other languages may share similar news involving the language.


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