Raghu Rama’s Ancestor Conquered Central Asia China Middle East

Raghuvamsa sloka by Kalidasa,

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I have been concentrating on the texts mentioned above save Sanskrit literature.

Now I begin by exploring the Raghuvamsa by Kalidasa,which details the Dynasty of Raghu of Ikshvaku Dynasty.

Lord Rama,who is from Ikshvaku Dynasty,is of such great stature that one does not bither about Rama’s illustrious 

Intellectual Bhakti Kalidasa’s Genius Vagarthaviva

One is Bhakthi tinged with Reason and Intellectual approach.

Another is total emotional immersion in the Love of God.

And example of an intellectual bhakti may be discerned in Kalidas’s first sloka of Raghuvamsa , which set about describing the Dynasty of Lord Rama.

Curiously the work that is about to talk about Lord Hari,Vishnu , begins with a Sloka on Lord Shiva and Parvathi.

This is the sloka.

The genius of Kalidasa lies in that this poem is open for Twenty Five meanings!

Poems That Killed ,Revived Kalidasa Nandhik Kalambakam

The King replied that if by his death, Tamil would gain such a gem of a Poem, he was willing to die.

So hundred Pandals, Shamianas were erected , 99 were empty and the last one had he King seated.

As Nandhi Kalambakam by Nadhivarma was in progress, the Pandals caught fire, and turned into ashes at the end of each Poem

When the last Poem was sung, the King and the last Pandal caught fire and the King died.

This is the Poem.

Brahma Suktham,Hymn On Brahma Kalidasa

  As Lord Brahma is the Creator and  the cause of birth, which is the cause for misery,Brahma does not have many temples and the Stotras on Him are Limited.     Listen to the Brahma Suktham.   Brahma Suktham Audio I have not been able to get some Stotras on Lord Brahma, excepting this…… Continue reading Brahma Suktham,Hymn On Brahma Kalidasa