Sarabeswara Astothra Prathyingara Female Narasimha

Sarabeswara is an Avatar of Lord Shiva and Prthaynkara ,an Amsa ,part manifestation of  Devi.

Narasimha, an a Man Lion Avatar of Vishnu, after killing Hiranyakasipu, remained furious and was ferocious, having tasted Blood, which induced Rajo Guna.

Devathas effort to calm Him down were of no avail.

At the behest of the Devas, Lord Shiva took the form of Sarabeswara, Bird Animal.

To cool down Vishnu, (it may be noted that Vishnu is known for His Calm and Serene demeanor),Lord Shiva , (with the help of Devi), had two wings, Prathyankara and Soolini, the parivaras of Devi .

The two wings of the Saraba could not cool down Narasimha, despite the wings fanning Him.

Out of Vishnu’s anger rose Kandaberunda and it started attacking Shiva.

Shiva then ordered Prathyankara to fight.

Prathyankara killed Kandaberuna and drank his blood.

Devi Pratyangira was released from his wings and took the female form of Narasimha and calmed down Lord Narasimha.

She is also known as Narasimhika [in Kalisahasranama Stotram).

Sobered Narasimha then cooled down.

Narasimha then performed an Astotra for Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva then revealed to all the Devas that “to annihilate the Asura, Lord Narasimha came, and to appease Lord Narasimha, I have come as Sarabeswara. Be aware that we are both one and the same like water and water, milk and milk, ghee and ghee, both inseparable and to be worshipped as one”.

“Yatha Jaley Jalam, Kshiptham, Ksheeram, Ksheeray Kruthang Kruthey|
Yekayeva Thatha Vishnu: Shiva Leetho Nachanyatha”||

Lord Brahma, out of gratitude for saving the universe from the anger of Sri Narasimha, worshipped Lord Sarabeswara with “Sri Sarabeswara Ashtothra”.

The advent of Sri Sarabeswara has been vividly mentioned in Atharva Veda, Linga Purana, Skanda Purana and Brahmanda Purana. Special mention is also made in Rigveda and Thaitriya as well, at the Uttara bhaga of Sri Lalitha Sahasranama.

“Paayaanno Deva: Sarabasthva Payaath
Sathaarirogath Vipinorakaapyam
Vaiswanaro Kugari Ritchakebya:
Prethebyo Bhoothebyo Rusha: Krudanthan” ||
(Atharva Veda) 

The Veda mantras affirm that all our sins are wiped off by chanting the powerful mantra of Sri Sarabha. Sage Veda Vyasa in his Linga Purana (96th Chapter) categorically says that those who worship Sri Sarabeswara, will get rid of all the afflictions caused by bad dreams, chronic ailments, poisonous bites, besides the great disasters caused by earthquake, floods, cyclone, thunder, lightning and such bad conglomerations.

“Sarva Vigna Prasamanam, Sarva Vyadi Vinasanam
Arichakra Prasamanam, Sarva Dukka Vinasanam,
Atraanyothpada Bookamba thaavagni Paamasu Vrishtisu
Thatho duswapna Samanam, Sarvabhootha Nivaranam,
Vishagraha Kshayakaram Puthra powthraadhi Vardhanam,
Thathraksha Daaranam Kuryaath Jangamaangey Varaananey”|| Linga Purana – 96

Sarabeswara Astothra Sathanamavali.

Sri Sarabeswara Ashtothara Sathanamavali !!

Om Sarabeswaraya Nama:

Ugraya Nama:

Veeraya Nama:

Bhavaya Nama:

Vishnuvey Nama:

Rudraya Nama:

Bheemaya Nama:

Kruthyaya Nama:

Manyavey Nama:

Sarvaya Nama:

Sankaraya Nama:

Haraya Nama:

Kala Kalaya Nama:

Mahakalaya Nama:

Mruthyuvey Nama:

Nithyaya Nama:

Veerabhadraya Nama:

Sahasrakshaya Nama:

Meedushey Nama:

Mahathey Nama:

Agraya Nama:

Mahadevaya Nama:

Devaya Nama:

Shooliney Nama:

Ekaya Nama:

Neelakandaya Nama:

Sreekandaya Nama:

Pinakiney Nama:

Anandaya Nama:

Sookshmaya Nama:

Mryuthyu Mryuthyuvey Nama:

Paraya Nama:

Parameswaraya Nama:

Parathparaya Nama:

Parey Shithrey Nama:

Bhagavathey Nama:

Vishwa Moorthaye Nama:

Vishnu Kalathraya Nama:

Vishnu Kshethraya Nama:

Bhanavey Nama:

Kaivarthaya Nama:

Kirathaya Nama:

Maha Vyadhaya Nama:

Shambhavey Nama:

Bhairavaya Nama:

Saranyaya Nama:

Maha Bhairava Roopiney Nama:

Nrusimha Samharthrey Nama:

Kala Kalaya Nama:

Puraraye Nama:

Papaika Samharthrey Nama:

Vishnu Mayanthakariney Nama:

Tryambakaya Nama:

Mahesaya Nama:

Shipivishtaya Nama;

Mruthyunjayaya Nama:

Sarvanyaya Nama:

Yamaraye Nama:

Kadolkaya Nama:

Hiranyaya Nama:

Vahnirethasey Nama:

Maha Pranaya Nama:

Jeevaya Nama:

Prana Bana Pravarthiney Nama:

Trigunaya Nama:

Trishoolaya Nama:

Gunatheethaya Nama:

Jishnavey Nama:

Yanthra Vahanaya Nama:

Yanthra Parivarthiney Nama:

Chith Vyomney Nama:

Sookshmaya Nama:

Pungavadheesa Vahiney Nama:

Paramaya Nama:

Vikaraya Nama:

Sarva Karana Hethavey Nama:

Kapaliney Nama:

Karalaya Nama:

Pathaye Nama:

Punya Keerthaye Nama:

Amoghaya Nama:

Agninethrey Nama:

Lakshmishaya Nama:

Sambhavey Nama:

Bhishakthamaya Nama:

Chandaya Nama:

Ghora Roopiney Nama:

Devaya Nama:

Deva Devaya Nama:

Bhavani Pathaye Nama:

Avyakthaya Nama:

Vishokaya Nama:

Veera Dhanvaney Nama:

Sarnnavaya Nama:

Krithivasaya Nama:

Pancharnnava Hethavey Nama:

Eka Padhaya Nama:

Chandrardha Moulaye Nama:

Adhwararajaya Nama:

Vatsalam Pathaye Nama:

Yogidhyeya Nama:

Sathwaya Nama:

Rudraya Nama:

Paramathmaney Nama:

Sarvathmaney Nama:

Sarveshwarathmaney Nama:

Kali Durga Sametha Veera Sarabeswara Swaminey Nama:

This will cure the effects of black magi, mental disorders of any kind, accidental deaths in the family.

Articles to follow on Prathyankara Devi and more on Sarabeswara.


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