Annaprasana,First Feeding Of The Child Details Dates

Hinduism, as a part of Forty Samskaras,  lays down certain Procedures for Annaprasanam.

Annaprasanam is the First feeding of the child with solids.

This function is held at Home normally, excepting in cases when there is a vow to have it done at a Temple.

In Kerala, it is a practice  to perform Annaprasana at Guruvayur.

Normally Rice is fed to the child.

The Procedure for Annaprasana.

1.Fix an auspicious date, this should be on the Waxing period of the Moon,

2.After Vigneswara Puja and Sankalpa, Kangana Dharana is to done for the child (the ceremony of tying sacred thread on the left for the Female child and on the right for the Male child.

Annaprasana,,First feeding of the Child.
Annaprasana,First feeding of the Child.

3.Perform Prathisara bantham*.

4.Nandi Sradham(Abyudhayam)

5.Punyahavachanam and Prokshanam to the Child.

5.Navagraha Mantras.

9.Recite Gothra, Name, Nakshatra and Rasi and pray that you are feeding the child.

Keep cooked rice in a Gold/Silver vessel, add Ghee Honey(no Salt/or spices) and recite

Om Bhoo:

Om Bhuva:

Om Suva:

Om Boo; Bhuva Suva :

Recite this the Child’s Name.

Feed Once with a Golden Ring in Your hand.

List of Auspicious Days for Annaprasana.

mi Karkatakam 08.20 AM


Naming a newly born child is given priority in Hinduism.It is one of the most  important of the Basic 40 Duties-Samskaras.

Who and When?

All Varnas(loosely called as Caste now)-for explanation of this concept please read my blog ‘Caste’ ,filed under Hinduism.-20th Day from the date of Birth of The Child.

Sudras-21st Day.

Vaisyas-16h Day.

Kshatriyas-12th Day

Brahmins-10th Day.

In addition to this the,Namakarana or Naming ceremony may be performed on the following Nakshatras(Days on which the Stars are indicated).


Pratsisara banda mantra.

This , generally, is performed for the Kumbabhishekam for Kalasa Pooja.

The pratisara-bandha is a procedure that precedes any major saṁskāra. It is basically the point at which the saṁskāra itself begins. It consists of infusing a cotton bracelet with various mantras, following which this amulet is tied to the wrist of the yajamāna. Once this is performed, āśouca etc do not afflict the yajamāna. This procedure is detailed in the bodhāyana-śeṣa-sūtra-s (1.15). It is performed on the same day as the nāndi-mukha (abhyudaya-śrāddha), in the evening, at the end of the pradośa-kāla. (karma-s without homa like the annaprāśana are exceptions.)
Each pratisara cord is made up of 9 strands (three strands, each of which is also made of 3 twined strands are intertwined into a single pratisara cord). These prepared cords are then anointed with turmeric.
A kalaśa is established on some rice, and to its north, a copper vessel containing rice is placed. The pratisara cords, bhasma, and tāmbūla are placed in this vessel. 4 brahmins are then invited and asked to infuse its waters with mantras. They sit on the 4 sides of the kalaśa, and recite the following mantra-s:
  1. vedādīn
  2. rākṣoghnam
  3. āpyam (agne yaśasvin)
  4. (dadhikrāvaṇṇo, āpo hi ṣṭhā)
  5. hiraṇyavarṇīyāḥ
  6. pavamānam
  7. varuṇa-sūktam
  8. rudra-sūktam
  9. brahma-sūktam
  10. viṣṇu-sūktam
  11. durgā-sūktam
  12. śrī-sūktam
  13. paridhānīyā (namo brahmaṇe)
The pratisaram is infused with these mantra-s (with prokṣaṇa). dhyāna of vāsuki is performed in the cords, and using the thumb and ring-finger, the cord is thrice rubbed with bhasma (vibhūti) with the mṛtyuñjaya-mantra. It is then given to the yajamāna with the chanting of the 5 “agnirāyūṣmān” mantra-s, and is tied with the bṛhat-sāma mantra. The pratisaram is tied on the right hand of men, and left hand of women. After chanting the ghṛta-sūkta (yo brahmā brahmaḥ), the bhasma is given to the yajamāna and applied on the forehead.
This pratisaram remains tied for the duration of the saṁskāra. Once it is complete, and the sāyaṁ-saṁdhyā is perfomed, the pratisaram is untied with the chanting of the vyāhṛti-s, and is disposed off in a body of water, like a river or sea.
Date Day Tithi Nakshatra Lagna Time
02nd January 2015 Friday Trayodashi Rohini Kumbha 10.23 AM
07th February 2015 Saturday Tadiya Utaara Mesha 10.26 AM
11th February 2015 Wednesday Saptami Swathi Mesha 11.09 AM
15th March 2015 Sunday Dashami Purvaashada Vrishabha 10.28 AM
22nd April 2015 Wednesday Chavithi Rohini Mithuna 10.48 AM
25th April 2015 Saturday Saptami Punarvasu Mithuna 10.35 AM
2nd May 2015 Saturday Chaturdashi chitra karkataka 11.06 AM
3rd May 2015 Sunday Purnima Swathi Mithuna 10.05 AM
6th May 2015 Wednesday Vidiya Anuradha Mithuna 9.54 AM
10th May 2015 Sunday Saptami Uttaraashada Krakataka 10.35 AM
14th May 2015 Thursday Ekadashi Uttarabhadra Mithuna 9.22 AM
20th May 2015 Wednesday Vidiya Mrigashira Mithuna 8.58 AM
22nd May 2015 Friday Chavithi Punarvasu Karkataka 9.47 AM
28th May 2015 Thursday Dashami Uttara Mithuna 8.26 AM
31st May 2015 Sunday Trayodashi Swathi Mithuna 8.19 AM
6th June 2015 Saturday Chavithi Uttarashada Karkataka 8.47 AM
7th June 2015 Sunday Panchami Shravana Karkataka 8.43 AM
8th June 2015 Monday Shashti Dhanista Mithunam 7.46 AM
11th June 2015 Thursday Navami Uttarabhadra Mithuna 7.32 AM
18th June 2015 Thursday Vidiya Punarvasu Karkataka 8.03 AM
25th June 2015 Thursday Navami Hasta Karkataka 8.13 AM
3rd July 2015 Friday Vidiya Uttarashada Karkataka 7.03 AM
5th July 2015 Sunday Chavithi Dhanista Simha 10.06 AM
6th July 2015 Monday Panchami Shatabhisham Simha 10.02 AM
23rd July 2015 Thursday Saptami Chitra Simha 8.57 AM
2nd August 2015 Sunday Vidiya Dhanista Simha 8.17 AM
6th August 2015 Thursday Saptami Ashwini simha 8.02 AM
17th August 2015 Monday Tadiya Uttara Tula 10.09 AM
28th August 2015 Friday Chaturdashi Shravana Tula 11.04 AM
29th August 2015 Saturday Purnima Dhanista Tula 11.00 AM
30th August 2015 Sunday Padyami Shatabhisham Tula 10.56 AM
2nd September 2015 Wednesday Chavithi Ashwini Tula 10.45 AM
21st September 2015 Monday Ashtami Moola Tula 9.29 AM
23rd September 2015 Wednesday Dashami Uttarashada Tula 9.21 AM
24th September 2015 Thursday Ekadashi Shravana Tula 9.17 AM
23rd October 2015 Friday Ekadashi Shatabhisham Dhanu 11.30 AM
25th October 2015 Sunday Trayodashi Uttarabhadra Dhanu 11.22 AM
26th October 2015 Monday Chaturdashi Revathi Dhanu 10.19 AM
30th October 2015 Friday Tadiya Rohini Dhanu 11.02 AM
31st October 2015 Saturday Chavithi Mrigashira Dhanu 10.58 AM
13th November 2015 Friday Vidiya Anuradha Dhanu 10.08 AM
15th November 2015 Sunday Chavithi Moola Dhanu 10.00 AM
18th November 2015 Wednesday Saptami Shravana Dhanu 9.48 AM
22nd November 2015 Sunday Ekadashi Uttarabhadra Makara 11.02 AM
23rd November 2015 Monday Dwadashi Revathi Dhanu 9.28 AM
29th November 2015 Sunday Chavithi Punarvasu Dhanu 9.04 AM
30th November 2015 Monday Panchami Pushaymi Makara 10.30 AM
5th December 2015 Saturday Dashami Uttara Makara 10.12 AM
6th December 2015 Sunday Ekadashi Hasta Dhanu 8.36 AM
14th December 2015 Monday Tadiya Uttaraashada Dhanu
8.05 AM
9.35 AM
16th December 2015 Wednesday Panchami Dhanista Makara 9.28 AM
24th December 2015 Thrusday Chaturdashi Rohini Makara 8.59 AM
27th December 2015 Sunday Vidiya Punarvasu Kumba 11.05 AM
28th December 2015 Monday Tadiya Pushyami Kumba 11.02 AM
Pratisara Manra Audio.

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  1. I have tried so many things post 5 month completion of baby ,but nothing was working out….

    As I hail from India , here one cartoon character “Chhota Bheem” & another one which is famous across the world “wheels on the bus” is extremely famous & kids can easily develop connect with this….while watching this cartoon my baby take the feed very easily & comfortably & 🙂 really he dont take a single pie if I pause this cartoon on youtube.

    My husband made a Youtube video of baby’s feeding during watching it & posted there (he was considering this trick as a help for feeding) , kindly spare time & have a look on this this as this has become an obcession for my baby

    My question is , how can I develop the habbit of taking feed regularly while he not watching the cartoon ?

    I have already visited many doctors but baby is not keen to take the feed without watching cartoons

    Kindly help & pls suggest what to do………..


    1. Do not worry.
      While watching the Video, try shwing him something else which interests him , he/she shall change his habit.
      Childern keep changing their preferences.
      Best is to feed the child when he/she cries for Milk, not based on Clock.
      The Organism knws when food is needed.
      Only adukts eat at a fixed hour whether they are hubgry or not.
      Then the child will not be influenced be anything else.
      Mu suggestion is not to consult Doctors for all these, they will confuse and complicate the issues.
      This is a passing Phase.


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