May Serene Death Descend.

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My mother in law who was  79 years became senile.

She used to ask for her parents,child hood mates.

Immediately she will come to the present and ask my wife whether she can cut the vegetables.

My daughter’s marriage was conducted.

She used to ask my sister-in-law’s daughter,who was unmarried, whether her husband(really it is my son-in-law) is well and in the same breath ask my daughter if she is pregnant.

She used to narrate Ramayana thus.

Rama was married to Sita,n0,Sita was married to Ravana,Rama sat on  cereals with oil on him, it got stuck to him and he got up, a crow came and Rama ran away.

She will wake up in the middle of the night and ask for Refuge of Police.

She passed away couple of years back.

My class mate’s Father is 96.He lies in a fetal position and keeps rocking himself in that position.

He is unable to remember his children,but recalls his parents,brothers and sisters.

When one of his colleagues died recently my friend informed him of this.

He immediately rang up his friend’s Home number and inquired of his Family.

He eats well,takes care of himself without any one’s support.

He is alive .

I wonder- Is this where and how we end?

These people had no Physical/mental disorder.

I have numerous cases to cite.

No doubt Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita, clubbed old age as a disease.

‘Kaumaaram Yauvanam Jara’ (II Chap.)

‘Vrudhdham’ is a disease.

I am sixty. 

What can I Pray?

‘Sree varchchasvam,ayur, arogyam maavidhhach choba maanam maheeyande,

Dhaanyam,Dhanam,Pasum,bahuputhra labham,satha sam vathsaram dheerkamayuhu’

(Wealth of all kinds,Good things in Life’Longevity,Health,Food,Assets,good children)

No ,this is what I pray.

‘anaysena maranam vinyedainyena jivanam |

dehi me krupaya Sasta tvayi bhaktimacancalam’
A painless liberation, a life devoid of misery( one which is not dependent on others) – please grant these my Lord Sastha ! and also give me an unwavering devotion towards you..

Enough of this Life.

By Ramanis blog

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger,Tedex Speaker


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