Parenting is instinctive.It is strange that people read books to be a parent.Take the instance any living being;they take care of their offspring.They do not read books nor do they attend seminars.
Problem lies in the fact that adults have become self centred and their pleasures take the driving seat in their lives.Beyond a particular age(this varies,depending on one’s maturity), one compromises him/herself for their offsprings.Sadly this is lacking today.
In cases where people resort to reading books etc. it is generally born of a guilt feeling that they they have neglected children.Especially when both parents work, the child is left on its own.You also do forget what needs to be done to it;even if you know, you have no time;for material comforts are important to you.
I have my brother’s grand daughter in London in a senior position.
She has a three year old son.Suddenly she has resigned her job.Reason-She overheard her 3 year old son telling his friends that he does not like his mother going to office and he does not want to tell her directly lest he may hurt her.
Children yearn for physical presence and you also know it.Why do not we listen to our own voice, instead of trying to justify on economic considerations?If you leave the child in a creche , the child will leave you, when grown up, in an Elders’s home.
Parenting, especially to women is in born;nurture it;you do not need books and seminars.Be yourself and be happy.Remember money is an instrument of Happiness, not Happiness.You can buy a pillow,not sleep.

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