US-Israel,North Korea and Pakistan.

1.Obama’s line is long overdue from US.This will build Palestinian confidence and also send a warning to Israel that their sufferings in the annals of History does not confer on them the Right to make others suffer for no fault of their own.A good beginning for a solution to middle east.
2.Gameplan of Nkorea is world attention and aid for economic prosperity, hence the sabre rattling.Unfortunately China and Russia are on its side.However repugnant it might be, better to engage in talks and provide assistance to Nkorea to ward off greater threat.
3.Distinction between , Taliban and other terrorists has no meaning..Terrorism is terrorism is ,notwithstanding labels.All forms of terrorism are to be ruthlessly wiped out.But ,of course ,Pakistan?!!!!Pakistan is not only a failed state but a failed society as well.
4.Kelly’s definition is correct.The counter argument based on coercion forgets the point coercion was adopted because there was no voluntary participation.Goal remains the same.In Kelly’s case it is more human face of Communism.Names do not matter nor semantics, but what is real and good.

— S.V.Ramanan

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