First Ancient Religion Of China Hinduism

Hinduism in Ancient China Evidence
Hindu relief, Quanzhou Museum. The image depicts Narasimha legend for the festival of Holika and Holi. Hinduism in China wikiwand
OM in Chinese

China Sanskrit Tamil Kuvangtche is Kanchi

And the landmass of the world was different then. Super Continents like Rodina,Pangea were in place. And the was Lemuria which is around 230 million years old and this was the home of the Tamils. So it is no surprise that many races have their origins in Tamils.

Chinese Descendants Of Mahabharata King Pururava?

It is also stated that the Chinese were the descendants of the son of Pururavas,Ayu. There is a reference in the Chinese tradition that the ancestors of the Chinese people came to China after crossing the high mountain ranges to the South.

Raghu Rama’s Ancestor Conquered Central Asia China Middle East

This blog has details of such verified facts and they can be accessed undr Hinduism,Tamils Category. I have been concentrating on the texts mentioned above save Sanskrit literature. Now I begin by exploring the Raghuvamsa by Kalidasa,which details the Dynasty of Raghu of Ikshvaku Dynasty. Lord Rama,who is from Ikshvaku Dynasty,is of such great stature…

China Urals Mongolia Arctic Aurora Borealis Sugreeva Geography

Accurate Geographical reference was provided by Sugreeva to his Vanara Army for the Search of Sita. Here I present from the Valmiki Ramayana, the places described by Sugreeva as lying in the North of Kailash and modern Names of these places. I shall post on details of the search for Sita in other directions.

Siddha Bhogar China’s Lao Tsu Founder Taosim

And there are Nava Siddhas, which may correspond to the Saptha Rishis of the Sanatana Dharma. Now to the point of Bhogar in China. Bhoga, along with Agastya is considered to be seniors among the Siddhas. Palani Subrahmanya Swamy Idol was installed by him with a special mixture of herbs, called Nava Pashaana. This Idol…

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