Christians Practice Caste Supreme Court Affidavit Reservation Benefits by Christian

Christianity tomtoms that it does not have caste and it is its USP.When it is pointed out that Christianity has over Five thousand sects

Now to claim Reservation benefits a case has been filed in the Supreme Court of India.The case was filed by one Mr. Thomas that Christians practice Caste while Christianity does not.Therefore they have to be given Reservation benefits.

I refrain from my comments and any one with commonsense will know what this is.

Five days before India celebrates her 73rd anniversary of Independence, Dalit Christians and Muslims will mark a grimmer anniversary of the date when the Presidential (Scheduled Castes) Order was issued on August 10, 1950. A petition challenging that order, which limited SC status to Hindus and was later amended to include Sikhs and Buddhists, is now pending in the Supreme Court.

“We have been denied our constitutional rights for the last seventy years now,” says Franklin Caesar Thomas, a Dalit Christian advocate who has been fighting the case for delinking religion from SC status for the last 16 years. “They claim that the Christian religion does not preach caste and thus we do not need protection from discrimination. I agree that Christianity does not preach caste, but it is Christians who still practice caste and continue to oppress and discriminate those from Dalit communities.”…Mr. Thomas recalls, adding that many Dalit Christians are segregated in churches, excluded from burial grounds and shunned in marriage proposals… ,’

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