Vedas Brahmin reference 20,000 Years Ago Tamil Madurai Kanchi

I am tired of informing people about how Indian history is systematically manipulated. There was a claim recently by self styled scholars,rationalists from Tamil Nadu that Murugan was/ is a Tamil God and Brahmins attributed Upaveedha to Him and made him a North Indian,Aryan God as Skanda. I have posted an article disproving this.

Despite the Aryan Invasion Theory being proved wrong, some people from Tamil Nadu in particular still cling to it because of political compulsions and the face that basically these self styled Tamil. These Scholars are illiterate when it comes to understanding the Tamil Language or the History of Tamil. Unfortunately these persons gain media attention and the the general public and people from other States think Tamil,Tamils are arrogant and are against Sanatana Dharma. Wrong. I have been writing to prove that Tamil/ Tamils were and are an intricately connected to Sanatana Dharm and the service and temples built by ancient Tamil kings attest to this.Tamil literature speaks highlights Sanatana Dharm and speak very highly of it.And Brahmins as the Teachers of Vedas and spirituality were revered. They were granted lands on the condition that they perform homas daily.I have written exhaustively on this.

I propose writing how Sanatana Dharma vand Brahmins were venerated and how They were an integral part of the ancient Tamil Kingdom. The Great Rajaraja Chola’s father had his closest friend Aniruddha Brahmaraya as his Chief Advisor and Minister.Rajaraja chola continued with him.

Now in Madurai Kanchi a literary work belonging to Sangam Era speaks about Vedas, Brahmins. I have provided relevant details from the text .

The date of Sangam is ascribed to 3000 years ago.

But the finding of Poompuhar remains push back the Sangam Era to 20,000 years ago.

So, we can take the reference in Madurai Kanchi about Vedas as being made around 20,000 years ago.

Note the way the text speaks of Vedas and Brahmins.

I have highlighted them.

And it is curious to observe that the site which teaches Sangam literature,which I have provided as the source for this article mentions vthat Madurai Kanchi mentions Buddhists and Jainism. But eloquently silent on Vedas and Brahmins.

You can now know how History is manipulated.

‘This song has 782 lines in the Āsiriyappā/Akaval meter mixed with vanji meter, and was written by poet Māngudi Maruthanār (Māngudi Kilār), for Pāndiyan king Neduncheliyan.  Kānji is a later genre of Sangam poetry.  It is based on the philosophy of instability and perishability of the world and life.  This idyll contains didactic matter, as do other poems composed by this poet.  There are descriptions of Buddhist monasteries and Jain temples.  There are also descriptions of the king’s victories in battles and the various riches brought back by his warriors.  The sights and sounds of Mathurai are captured beautifully in the morning, afternoon, at dusk, midnight and at dawn.

சிறந்த வேதம் விளங்கப் பாடி,
விழுச்சீர் எய்திய ஒழுக்கமொடு புணர்ந்து,
நிலம் அமர் வையத்து ஒரு தாம் ஆகி   470

உயர் நிலை உலகம் இவண் நின்று எய்தும்
அறநெறி பிழையா அன்புடை நெஞ்சின்
பெரியோர் மேஎய் இனிதின் உறையும்
குன்று குயின்றன்ன அந்தணர் பள்ளியும்,  (468 – 474)

Brahmin Monastery

There are Brahmins who sing the Vedas well,

following tradition, with great discipline.

Even though they live in this world with different

kinds of lands, they are one with god and they

live in a superior world.  They lead virtuous lives

not faulting from the just path.  The monastery

where these great people live sweetly, appears

like it was dug into the mountains.

Notes:  ஒரு தாம் ஆகி (470) – பொ. வே. சோமசுந்தரனார் உரை – அவனே தானே ஆகிய அந்நெறி ஏகனாகி இறைபணி நின்று என்றவாறு.  அந்தணர் (474) – நச்சினார்க்கினியர் உரை – வேதாந்தத்தை எக்காலமும் பார்ப்பார்.  கலித்தொகை 1 – நச்சினார்க்கினியர் உரை – ‘அந்தத்தை அணவுவார் அந்தணர்’ என்றது, வேதாந்தத்தையே பொருளென்று பார்ப்பார் என்றவாறு. ‘ My note for the above Three lines.Brahmins are those who Perceive the Vedanta:

Meanings:  சிறந்த வேதம் விளங்கப் பாடி – singing the great Vedas clearly, விழுச்சீர் எய்திய ஒழுக்கமொடு புணர்ந்து – following the greatness with discipline, நிலம் அமர் வையத்து – in he world with different lands, ஒரு தாம் ஆகி – becoming one with god, உயர் நிலை உலகம் – they are in the superior upper world, இவண் நின்று எய்தும் – even while here they attain, அறநெறி பிழையா – not faulting from the just path (பிழையா – ஈறுகெட்ட எதிர்மறை வினையெச்சம்), அன்புடை நெஞ்சின் – with loving hearts, பெரியோர் – great souls, wise people, மேஎய் இனிதின் உறையும் – residing there sweetly (மேஎய் – இன்னிசை அளபெடை), குன்று குயின்றன்ன – like dug into the mountains, அந்தணர் பள்ளியும் – and the Brahmin monastery….


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