How Ardhanareeswara Formed Brahmas Fifth Head Satarupa Manu

The origin of First Man is intriguing.

This happens when one tries to find the first cause of anything,be it science,arts, history, events.

This is because of the limitations of our Mind, which is constrained by the concept of Time and Space.

One can not visualize anything without reference to Time and Space.

And we expect everything must be expressed to us, understandable to us and everything must follow a logical sequence.

We must remember that we are limited,nature is not obligated to us to reveal its working to us and logic is not well equipped to cover all our experiences and above all Life is not logical.

Now to the first human being.

Of all the information available to us, Hinduism’s explanation of this concept seems to be correct.

The Concept of Abrahamic religions on this subject leads one to confusion .

I will be writing on this .

In Hinduism,the confusion is resolved by the assertion that Time is Infinite and everything that is born will die.

In fact Creation is not the term used.

The term is Srishti, Manifestation.

The effect is contained in the Cause.

There is another view that cause and effect are different.

But the former is more acceptable.

In fact advanced Advaita affirms that everything is only a manifested ,illusory Reality.

And Reality is a principle without name and form,Nirguna.

The world of names and forms ,Noumenon,is for the empirical world.

However to accommodate the limited human beings to realise,Reality, Hinduism has devised worship of Personal God,Iswara

This is Saguna Aradhana.

To describe the evolution of human beings, Hinduism adopts many time scales,like Manvantara,,Kalpa,Chatur Yuga and Yuga.

At the top is Manvantara.

Read about Manvantara Time Scale.

Time-space is Eternal and they can not be comprehended by us who are limited by Space and Time.

In the flux of Time ,a point is taken. For reference and origin of things and beings are explained.

These concepts would be clear when one studies Indian philosophy.

Indian philosophy,is not, as many would think is not merely about numerous Gods, Goddesses and temples but more about a scientific approach to the nature of Things as they are and as they appear to be.

You may read articles in this site under Indian philosophy.

Now to the origin of first human being.

It is Manu.

to the first man (progenitor of humanity).The Sanskrit term for ‘human’, मानव (IAST: mānava) means ‘of Manu’ or ‘children of Manu’. In later texts, Manu is the title or name of fourteen mystical Kshatriya rulers of earth, or alternatively as the head of mythical dynasties that begin with each cyclic kalpa (aeon) when the universe is born anew’

There are fourteen Manvantara and each has one Manu.

Startups is his wife.


When Brahma created Shatarupa, he was immediately infatuated and pursued her wherever she went. Shatarupā moved in various directions to avoid his gaze but wherever she went, Brahmā developed another head until he had four, one for each direction of the compass. Desperate, Shatarupa leaped over him to stay out of his gaze even for a moment. A fifth head, however, appeared above the others. Thus, Brahmā developed five heads. At this moment Shiva appeared, determined that since Shatarupā was Brahma’s daughter (being created by him), it was wrong and merged into devi Parvati and formed the Ardhanarishvara, translated as “half-man and half-woman god.” Shiva told Brahma that males and females are both the same as their souls are exactly the same, and the soul doesn’t have a gender only material. The outer body is different only because of different body parts.

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