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  • How Ardhanareeswara Formed  Brahmas Fifth Head Satarupa Manu

    How Ardhanareeswara Formed Brahmas Fifth Head Satarupa Manu

    We must remember that we are limited,nature is not obligated to us to reveal its working to us and we know logic is not well defined to cover all our experiences and above all Life is not logical

  • 97% Human Genes Are From Extra Terrestrials

    I have published an article that the ET, Beings from the Outer Space could have visited Earth and altered our Genes. There have are researches going on on ET including whether the Human Genes are some things that might have in common with other living organisms including the ET. 97 % of our non sequence…

  • God Will Never Die.

    For some it is Universal Law and it has nothing to do with God. Some say it is Nature. I do not know what they mean by Nature. Is it Tree, Mountains,Forests? If . as the Atheists proclaim, the concept of God is incorrect and wrong, then the concept of God should have died a…

  • Satanism Rules,Church About

    The worship of forces classified as Evil has been among the Mankind since Memory. While I can say that the worship of the Evil Forces is not conducive to Human Life, be on earth, after Life( of which I have no personal experience),I do believe that these forces do exist for I have witnessed experiences…

  • Human Polygamy And Animal Monogamy

    No longer can one use the term ‘Behaving like an animal’, in terms of comparing the sexual orientation of the Humans. Human beings, though, by and large, are Monogamous now, there is still a group that advocate Polygamy , under the guise of Freedom. Now look at the behaviour of these animals.