Hiranya Sraddha Details Mantras

Sraddha means Faith. It also means gratitude to parents.

The infant has absolute faith in its parents.

IT does not pause to think even and follows parents.

Parents are the reason for what we are.

Hindu texts stress the importance of paying respect to parents and ancestors.

They prescribe detailed procedure to perform ceremonies for the deceased parents.

This is to be performed annually.

As a matter of fact Sandhyavandana Brahma Yagnya Agni Gotra are to be performed daily as also Sraddha.

Due to work pressure, which, in my opinion is normally an excuse for non performance of Sraddha, people perform Hiranya Sraddha.

However Hiranya Sraddha is allowed by Smriti.

Hiranya means Gold.

IT denotes the Dakshina one offers to the Purohit.

Hiranya Sraddha procedure is as follows.

The Vadhyar, Family priest(Purohit) and another Brahmana are offered seats (wooden planks).

2. The Brahmana is usually the pitrus, Purohitbeing in double role – both visvedeva and guru.

3. With recital of mantras just as in the elaborate sraaddham, the visvedevas and pitrus are invoked (aavaahana) with darbhai, sesamum (eLLu).

4. Then the formal aasanam, sandal paste (candanam) as gandham, tuLaseedaLam are offered with the appropriate mantras and then samastopacaaraartham (as token of all upacaaras) eLLu is sprinkled.

5. The gotra, name, etc., of the pitru is recited and a mantra is recited.

6. Then, the Purohit and the Brahmana are offered Dakshina.

7. Then according to custom of each house, either full meals is offered, some people make some “bhakshanam like appam, ulundu VaDai, Ellu Urundai.

8. Pradakshinam and namaskaram.

9. Tarpanam as usual.

Tharpanam Mantras Tamil.






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