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Hanuman,the ardent devotee of Lord Ramachadra was not only powerful,wise ,he was also a scholar of Sanskrit.

His skill in debates are reported to be exemplary.

His presentation of facts and information to people to address the issue worrying them.

So much so ,Kamba Ramayana,the Tamil Epic narrates an incident thus.

Hanuman with five faces.image
Panchamuka Hanuman

After seeing Sita in Lanka ,Hanuman returned to Rama and he addressed Rama stating,

‘கண்டேன் சீதையை ‘

Seen Sita.

These were the words.

In Tamil this is not correct grammatically as the verb starts the sentence.

But had Hanuman started in Tamil according to grammar or in the normal fashion of speaking,he should have said,

நான் சீதையை கண்டேன்
But in this form, there would have been an element of suspense/anxiety for Rama as one can also say

I have not seen Sita.

So Hanuman did not begin either with first person(Hanuman) or the the third person (Sita)!

So great was his reading of human mind.

Apart from these, Hanuman is regarded as the Tenth Grammarian of Sanskrit.

Hanuman wonders as to which language he should use when he met Sita in Lanka.

He was worried that Sita might mistake him to be Ravana in disguise if  he ( Hanuman ) spoke in Sanskrit for Ravana was a Sanskrit scholar.

‘Yadi vacam pradasyamidvijatiriva Samskrutham

Ravanam manyamana maam Sita Bhita Bhavishyati

Vanarasya viseshena katham syaad abhibhaashanam

Avasyam eva vaktavyam maushamvakyam arthavath

-Ramayana V .20.19

Shall write on Manusha Bhasha later.

Hanuman is considered to be the Tenth Grammarian of Sanskrit.

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