Puranas 50 Million Years Old? Geology Plate Tectonics Himalaya Formation

When one reads ancient indian Texts, the eighteen puranas and the Two Ithihasaa Ramayana and Mahabharatha in conjunction with Geology and Plate,Tectonics, one is struck by the accuracy of Indians.

Formation of Pangea Super Continent and Himalayas by Geology, Plate-tectonics.

‘The first oceans formed from the breakup, some 180 million years ago, were the central Atlantic Ocean between northwestern Africa and North America and the southwestern Indian Ocean between Africa and Antarctica. The South Atlantic Ocean opened about 140 million years ago as Africa separated from South America. About the same time, India separated from Antarctica and Australia, forming the central Indian Ocean. Finally, about 80 million years ago, North America separated from Europe, Australia began to rift away from Antarctica, and India broke away from Madagascar. India eventually collided with Eurasia approximately 50 million years ago, forming the Himalayas., not to speak of the Four Vedas which are earlier to these in conjunction with Geology and Pkate tectonics one will be amazed at the results.’

All these texts mention Himalayas, among other things geological.

Himalayas are described as The Abode of Lord Shiva, Daksha Prajapathi , the route taken by the Pandavas in the Mahabharatha en route to Heaven.

I have cited only a couple of facts about Himalayas.

If Himalayas are mentioned in these texts, then Himalayas must have existed before the period of these texts .

When was Himalayas formed?

Geological and Plate-Tectonics prove that there was a first Super Continent Pangea , which was surrounded by a body of water called Panthalassa.

Please read my articles on Pangea, Rodina Super Continents.

Valmiki Describes Panthalasa in Balakanda of Ramayana.

Now I am providing the description/reference of Pangea,which is also called as Panthalassa, from the Bala Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana.

एक एकम् योजनम् पुत्रा विस्तारम् अभिगच्छत || १-३९-१४

यावत् तुरग संदर्शः तावत् खनत मेदिनीम् |
तम् एव हय हर्तारम् मार्गमाणा मम आज्ञया ||१-३९-१५

14b, 15. putraaH = oh, sons; eka ekam yojanam = one [each prince,] one, yojana – area of earth; vistaaram abhigacChata = square area, you advance – allocate for yourself; mama aaGYayaa = by my, order; tam haya hartaaram = him, horse, stealer; maargamaaNaa = while searching; turaga samdarshaH yaavat = horse’s, appearance, until; taavat mediniim khanata = till then, earth, you dig out.

” ‘Oh, sons, let each prince advance searching one square yojana of earth, by my order you dig up the earth until the appearance of the horse, while searching for the stealer of that horse. [1-39-14b, 15]

योजनानाम् सहस्राणि षष्टिम् तु रघुनंदन |
बिभिदुर् धरणीम् राम रसा तलम् अनुत्तमम् ||१-३९-२१

21. raghu nandana = oh, legatee of Raghu’s dynasty; raama = oh, Rama; yojanaanaam SaSTim sahasraaNi tu = yojana-s, thousand, sixty, thus; dharaNiim = of earth; they dug to make it as the; an uttamam = unsurpassed; rasaa talam = as sixth, subterranean field; bibhiduH = hollowed.

“Oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu’s dynasty, thus sixty thousand square yojana-s of the earth is dug over, so as to make the earth’s outermost plane as the unsurpassed rasaa tala, the sixth subterranean and the nethermost plane. [1-39-21]

एवम् पर्वत संबाधम् जम्बू द्वीपम् नृपात्मजाः |
खनन्तो नृपशार्दूल सर्वतः परिचक्रमुः ||१-३९-२२

22. nR^ipa shaarduula = oh, tigerly king, Rama; nR^ipa aatmajaaH = king’s, sons; parvata sam baadham = with mountains, verily, congested; jambuu dviipam = Jambu Island [plateau]; evam khanantaH = this way, while digging; sarvataH paricakramuH = everywhere, they endeavoured.

“Oh, the kingly tiger Rama, the sons of Sagara have endeavoured everywhere digging over the Jambu Island which is verily congested with mountains in this way. [1-39-22]

The jambu dwiipa is a continent according to Hindu mythology where the total continents listed are seven. jambuu plakShaahya dviipau shaalmaliH ca aparo dvija | kushaH krauncaH tathaa shakaH puShkaraH ca eva ca saptamaH the seven continents are jambu- plaksha – shaalmali- kusha – kraunca – shaaka – puSkara, and jambu dwiipa is one among them.


Now this Pangea Super Continent broke up into other continents before finally becoming the Continents we have at present.

It is estimated that Pangea was formed between 290 and 270 million years ago.
Pangea was surrounded by a global ocean called Panthalassa, and it was fully assembled by the Early Permian Period (some 299 million to 272 million years ago). The supercontinent began to break apart about 200 million years ago, during the Early Jurassic Period (201 million to 174 million years ago), eventually forming the modern continents and the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Pangea’s existence was first proposed in 1912 by German meteorologist Alfred Wegener as a part of his theory of continental drift. Its name is derived from the Greek pangaia, meaning “all the Earth.”

The Himalayas was formed , during the process of Continents being formed, around 50 million years ago!

And Ramayna describes accurately the formation of Not only Himalayas ,but the First Super Continent,Pangea.

No other world text does this.

So it will be logical to suggest that the Puranas ,by virtue of the details of the formation of these, are older to Ramayana.

Is it possible that Puranas were complied immediately after the Formation of Pangea?

Or atleast 50 million years ago,the time when Himalayas was formed?

No doubt people could have written on these events much later.

Yet the wealth of details in these texts being validated by sciences,one by one,makes me wonder if these texts are as old as they declare themselves to be,

Million years old!

Please read my articles on Million year old Tamil site near Chennai.Million year Tamil quotes Vedas they quote Tamil,Poompuhar pushes Tamil date to 30,000 years back.

And we have Lemuria/Kumarikandam to contend with.

And it is 250 million years old!

This article is first in the series ‘Impossible is Probable, Hinduism,Tamil’

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4 responses to “Puranas 50 Million Years Old? Geology Plate Tectonics Himalaya Formation”

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsI would like to say that your ideas are conformitive to to many aspects of ancient traditions and evidence existent around the World, but your perspective is somewhat skewed when it comes to the formative years of Planet Gaia (Bhu Devi) and its so-called Tectonic plate theory forming various ages of crustal division and combination thereof, comprising its contemporary placements today., i.e., the willy-nillyly movement of the continental drifts, from a point of in-correct view of the actual size (circumference) of the planet your are describing in accordance to the time sequence of re-arrangement of crustal areas that transpired through Planet expansion. You obviously need to go to …. and brush up on your knowledge to the state of the art mechanics of Earth “Expansion vs PlateTectonics”, starting when this planet was much smaller in circumference. It has fairly been proven that the Earth and Plate Tectonics, are a shoot off theory to growth or expansion of the Earths (Gaia/Bhu Devi) Size, which is still expanding according to scientist whom are closely watching with state of the art electronics to the ocean floors which are still widening.
    Here is a page that confirms what I’ve said all along, and that is the so-called sub-continent, ‘India’ never crossed the Indian Ocean from the Antarctic area and slammed up against eurasia by moving willy-nilly as in plate tectonics would have you believe. The Expansion of the Earth (Expansion Tectonics) as opposed to Plate Tectonics is by far more sound scientifically. All the evidence is pointing in that direction.
    Sanjaya Gael Vyoman MacGauri


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