Gayatri Twenty Four Devatas.

I have listed the 24 Rishis, 24 Chandas of the Gayatri Mantra , the most sacred mantra decscribed in Hinduism.

I am providing the Devatas, presiding Deitites ofThe Gayatri Mantra.

They are twenty four, one Devata for each syllable.

The list.

1) Agni,

(2) Prajâpati,

(3) Soma,

(4) Îs’âna,

(5) Savitâ,

(6) Âditya,

(7) Brihaspati,

(8) Maitrâvaruna,

(9) Bhagadeva,

(10) Aryamâ,

(11) Ganes’a,

(12) Tvastrâ,

(13) Pûsâ,

(14) Indrâgnî,

(l5) Vâyu,

(16) Vâmadeva,

(17) Maitrâ varunî

(18) Vis’vadeva,

(19) Mâtrikâ,

(20) Visnu,

(21) Vasu,

(22) Rudra Deva,

(23) Kuvera, and

(24) the twin As’vinî Kumâras.

Source. Devi Bhagavatham Book 12, Chapter 1, Slokas 8 to 27.

*The Devatâs, mentioned in the Gâyatrî Brahmâ Kalpa are different from those mentioned here.



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