Whitefield Kadugodi Bangalore Built By Chola 1043

History of Bangalore is quite old.

General conception i that Kempe Gowda established Bangalore around 1537 CE.

‘A succession of South Indian dynasties, the Western Gangas, the Cholas and the Hoysalas, ruled the present region of Bangalore until in 1537 CE, Kempé Gowdā – a feudal ruler under the Vijayanagara Empire – established a mud fort considered to be the foundation of modern Bangalore.’

Yet we find a 7000 year old Temple in Malleshwaram and another Someshwara Temple in Madivala,Bangalore.

Bangalore, hence, must be older than what is believed.

The Western Ganga Dynasty, called Mel(west) Gangar find reference in Tamil literature  of the period of Rajaraja Chola, who built the Thanjavur Big Temple in Tamil Nadu and Rajendra Chola, his son who built the Gangai Konda Cholapuram, Tamil Nadu.

Western Ganga dynasty ruled Karnataka and  lasted from about 350 to 1000 AD.

Later came the Cholas and Hoysalas.

However my research indicates Karnataka  to be much older, considering that Lord Rama’s brother in Law Rishyasrunga lived in Sringeri.

And there are references to Karnataka region in ancient Tamil literature.

I shall be writing on this shortly.

While going through Indian History from Indian sources, including the Purana and Tamil Literature( I unfortunately know only Tamil and Sanskrit;wish I have learnt more Indian languages), a curious fact emerges.

Though King fought for supremacy with each other, common people remained close together, except during wars.

There were marriages between people regions belonging to different regions.

The Kings to married from other dynasties.

Rajendra helped his nephew Rajaraja defeat Vijayaditya. His armies defeated Vijayadiya in Vengi and Jayasimha in the battle of Maski.

The village Kadugodi, Whitefield was built during the period of Rajendra Chola.

‘Kadugodi (ಕಾಡುಗೋಡಿ IPA: [Kāḍugōḍi]), known as Kadugudi was founded by the great Cholas Dynasty. It is located in Whitefield, Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. Kadugodi comes from “kadu” & “Gudi” meaning “temple in a forest” in Kannada.’

Also the  ‘KaShivishwanatha Temple (Built in the period of Cholas Dynasty) recently it has been re constructed. 2. Sree RamanjanEya temple (one of the oldest temple) 3. Shiva temple (another Oldest temple)’

Cholas Dynasty’s Inscriptions dating from 1043AD exists in Kadugodi, from the period of Rajendra Chola I, which describes the construction of the Pattanduru Lake, and Ganesh, Durga and Kshetrapaala temples by Chola chieftain Raja Raja Velan son of Permadi Gavunda.

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3 responses to “Whitefield Kadugodi Bangalore Built By Chola 1043”

  1. Amazing Research sir! I stay in Whitefield and the article was an eye opener for me. God bless you!


  2. Great .But I have enquired about Kadu Malleswara DEvasthana from Archeologists .They say it was built by Shivaji’s younger brother.


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