Chaurasia Brahmins 84 Or 84,000 Families

In Hindu system of community classification of ancient times,the communities were grouped together based on the their location,number of families in a group,the chosen profession ,or the deeds done by them.

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.Image.jpg
Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Also if some groups performed some specific Yagnyas, among Brahmins, they were designated as such, for example, Vajpayee, those who have preformed and specialists in performing the Vajapeya Yaga.

Among the Brahmins in the South, there are Asta Sahasram, (Eight Thousand families), Vadama(those who lived on the north bank of River Kaveri), Vaathima, who speialised in Purohitham.

In the North we have many communities of Brahmins on similar lines.

The Chaurasia Community is one which is based on the number of families belonging to this clan.

They are reported to be 84,000 in number.

HAURASIA word originated from ancient INDIAN Vedas which basically refers a Brahmin community in INDIA, CHAURASIA word inherits from a vedic word ‘chaturashiitah’ which refers eighty four in sansakrita . Since ancient INDIA, according to the Hindu mythology it is believed there are eighty four thousands Yonis(breeds, Types) of Gods existing in this universe. Every species which exist on Earth belong to a particular Yoni . At later stage and for easy pronunciation it transformed as ‘Chaurasia’ (A Hindi equivalent also refers eighty four).

* Yoni is a term for female Genital Organ in Sanskrit.

The Puranas state that, while describing the evolution of beings on the Earth, there are 84 Lakhs different Yonis and their derivatives among the Humans.(Yoni Beda)

Hence I am of the opinion  that 84,000 families of Chaurasias may be off the mark, considering the limited Brahmin families in ancient India(this is so even today)

This could be 84 or at the most 8000.

Readers may send in their views.

Chaurasia community belongs to the following Gotras

  • Kashyapa
  • Bharadwaj
  • Shandilya
  • Rishi
  • Brahmachari
  • Gaurhar
  • Chaurasia
  • Sharma
  • Barai
  • Tamoli
  • Bhatia
  • Bhagat
  • Chaurishi
  • Chaudhari
  • Modi
  • Rasela
  • Rajdheer

Sub castes

Following are the synonyms of Chaurasia surname by regional preferences:

  • Chaurasia (Belarampur, patti, pratapgarh) (U.P.)and Nepal.
  • Chaurasia (Throughout India)
  • Chourasia (Parts of North East India)
  • Chaurishi (Parts of North India)
  • Chaurasiya ( In Terai area of Nepal)
  • Sharma (Throughout India)
  • Jaiswal (North India)and Nepal too.
  • Bhardwaj (Throughout India)
  • Kashyap (North India)
  • Nag (North/East India)
  • Bhagat (North/east India) & in Nepal too.
  • Bari (Central/western India)
  • Barai (West Bihar/East UP)& in Nepal too.
  • Tamoli (West Bihar/East UP)
  • Rishi (Central India)
  • Brahmachari(North India)
  • Gaurhar (North India)
  • Modi (North India)
  • Raut (Bihar Madhubani)and Nepal too
  • Rai (Bihar Madhubani)
  • Munshi (Dhanbad Jharkhand)
  • Rasela (Central India)
  • Tiwari (Bihar Begusarai area)

Reference and Citation.


8 responses to “Chaurasia Brahmins 84 Or 84,000 Families”

  1. Sanjay sharma Avatar
    Sanjay sharma

    Gotras of Chaurasia Brahmin Samaj # Atri,Maheshran,Nana ke joshi, Bhuslodia, Kakaria, Pacholia, Ladpuria, Dabodia, Dubia, Shukl chandian, Upadhyay, Thukran, Pandyan, Gadivan, Dixit, NirbhayaNaryan, Dadhyan, Rijha, Tignayat, Khumrotia, Cjalesaria, Teetvan, Gangyan, Alyan, Mundavaria, Bishnalia, Rotolia, Pithyan, Chandania Tiwari, Likhyan, Bagotia, Alangia, Kashyap Tignayat, Vyas, Khatolia, Pithyan, Baverwal, Dhamania, Bagthalia, Bhoodwal, Alangia, Kashishvan, Medakhuria, Borodia,


  2. Pushpendra Avatar

    I am a graduate student at Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. I am a proud Sanatan Hindu. I want to learn more about it and want to discuss it with you. Please do send me an email or something so that we can be in a frequent touch.
    Pushpendra (


  3. vijay Avatar

    Chaurasia kab se brahmin ho gaye hahahahahah


    1. Navneet Chourasia Avatar
      Navneet Chourasia
    2. Durganand Avatar

      JAB SE TU sc BAN GAYA.


  4. akash chourasiya Avatar
    akash chourasiya

    i m akash chourasiya
    pased at 12 class
    i thanxx to god becouse they birth me chourasiyaa familyy
    i heartly thanxx
    we proud of chourasiyaa


  5. puahkar courishi bhardwaj Avatar
    puahkar courishi bhardwaj

    kya choursia uttrakhand mai bhi jai?


  6. Sharma Mithileah Avatar
    Sharma Mithileah

    Sharm asani chahiye aisi wahiyaat koshish ke liye


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