Kubera Is Kubarev Russians’ Forefather A Divine Alien

The places in Russia have Indian Sanatana Dharma Connection.

Volga,Tara and Om are some of the Rivers in Russia.

The Siberians worship and invoked Indian Gods.

Lord Krishna’s son Pradyumna built a Palace in Siberia.

Narodnaya mountain is called the Narada Mountain.

The Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic.

The is a Hanuman Temple of ancient times.

And there is this myeterious Krubera Cave.

Kubera , Forefather of Russians.jpg
Kubera , Forefather of Russians.Hindu God of wealth.


Krubera Cave is the deepest Cave known to Man.


It has been explored and the cave is quite ancient.


A Scientific expedition was conducted by drilling into the earth in Georgia.


I wonder if the earth , as the Geologists say is not hollow and is boiling, how come a Cave has been built?


Even if it is explained away as a natural phenomenon,how a Cave can be formed at the high temperatures said to exist down there?’

Listen to the sound for the Video at  6 miles down the Earth”.

I have written articles on all these.

There is a legend in Russia that Lord Kubera, the God Wealth in Hinduism being the forefather of Russians.

He is reported to have descended from the Heaven, selected some tribes, altered their  Genes nurtured them!’

From 6498 till 5122 years ago to the Earth has landed Varyag by name Kubera (Cubera) from sort of Cub. Varyags or space navigators were children of the Supreme God – Father, Russian people considering. On Russian like surname of Kubera sounds as Kubarev. It was the first Russian navigator on open spaces of the third planet of the Solar system populated in those days with wild animals and humanoids. Savages had no soul and any civilization, not able to speak, write, build dwelling and to process the ground. As against local population the forefather was high growth – 190 cm, the European appearance, with a white leather and eyes of it were surprising green, emerald color.

Kubera has examined the Earth and has chosen for the beginning the expansion some tribes of humanoids in Mediterranean, including Africa, Europe and Asia, having studied their habits and bents. Among savage it has selected seven most sexual female which could though somehow to draw his man’s attention. Then it has transferred seven foremothers on open spaces of the Volga region where there were the idealist in representation Kubera of a condition for creation of a human tribe. Central Russian upland and the Volga region represent territory which could not undergo to destructive influences of natural cataclysms and possible consequences of thawing of polar ice and flooding during the huge period of time.

In the natural way the forefather of earthmen deduced a new tribe. With huge love and caress Kubera nursed children, corrected defects and unnecessary mutations. It did is by movements of hands with which it transferred efforts of will to a genie level and influenced the whole bodies. Actually seven girl savages and their joint children were clay in hands of the God – father. However at Kubera propensity to reproduction of men is genetically incorporated, girls are rare exception. For occurrence of the first daughter it was necessary to try very much, therefore the girl has turned out with a plenty of edges, as well as at terrestrial savages. Present girl Varyag receives ability to reproduction some kind of without participation of men. In turn, Varyag has the strongest genes, transform any features of genes of the partner, therefore children Varyag practically at once restore initial distinctive attributes of descendant Kubera, they as though eat a unsuccessful genie material of mother. From those times women still had habit to not let out a branch from a hand while other hand has not grasped other branch.

So seven foremothers – savages have gradually given birth to numerous posterity, the first pair the present people named father Adam and Eva has not turned out yet. The forefather of earthmen has given people soul that they differed from animals and were carriers of a particle of the God – Father and the Uniform God. The soul represents the information on the person, attached to each new person and transmitted through a man’s chromosome at the moment of conception. Besides the man’s chromosome bears sites DNA which contain references to places of storage of souls of ancestors of each new person. The more ancestors this site DNA became longer. At the moment of conception there is a registration of the new domain of the human person and in this domain for all human life constantly updated information on a physical and chemical condition of a body of the person, and also his idea, experience and emotion for past period accumulates.

Kubera has arranged from a planet a huge computer with biological components which were all new and new born people. For storage of the information on personal domains and the global information on Solar system and the Earth, Kubera has created from a natural crystal of an emerald special a table. A table was firm memory of our universal computer. Operative memory of a computer became the usual water located at World Ocean. However the information on souls of died people is rewritten in the huge natural tank of fresh water making the huge underground sea near Central Russian upland. Management of a terrestrial computer occurs from the outside, at a great distance from boundless open spaces of the universe. Far moderators carry out constant monitoring the Earth.


Kubera has established the counter of a terrestrial computer on figure in billion human souls or 10 in 12 degrees when after filling memory of a computer with such quantity of the information it is required reload systems with selection of qualitative souls for branch of a marriage. The most part of souls of already died people, will be erased from memory of a universal computer. The estimation of quality of souls is made by the God – father by the certain criteria checked program means.

For protection of mankind against external factors and contacts to the external universe, around of Solar system the power board, nothing passing outside both closing the Sun and his planets from the external observer has been established.

After occurrence of the first successful pair Adam and Eva, some more pair primogenitors of new races and peoples and their new children were born. These tribes have been moved Kubera on different continents. They were placed in China, India, Europe, Africa and America. The most successful copies of people together with Adam and Eva have been left Kubera in the Volga region for formation of people варягов and lineal descendants of the forefather.

First-born people began to enter sexual contacts to the local natives representing humanoid savages. If male managed to have contact to the woman appearing children were savages, i.e. animals without presence of soul. Such updating of mankind was impractical and disappeared for the natural reasons. In case of contacts of men with female humanoid savages children, becoming people turned out. The man’s chromosome of first people transferred posterity soul which did by their person reasonable.

Gradually tribes of people began to be made multiple copies with the big speed, absorbing wild individuals of primitive people by a fence nice самок and their transformation into wives. Staying primitive people were destroyed by the person reasonable. As a result of expansion of the reasonable people created Kubera, the first races of the reasonable person including Niger, European and Mongols races were made, depending on features of a physiological structure of local humanoid savages.

Kubera from all tribes selected individuals of people most similar to and has generated from them tribes Arian on open spaces of the Volga region. The first reasonable essences with soul were wild barbarians in whom the animal instincts getting to them in the inheritance from humanoids of the Earth on a female line prevailed of divine essence Varyag Kubera. However by selection and the big love of the God – Father to the creations, the new terrestrial sort of the space navigators named Varyags with the European appearance, light eyes and active was deduced by qualities of the forefather. Eventually, the first Varyag Kubera, the unprecedented experiment which has arranged on the Earth, has died for the natural reasons or has departed to open spaces of the Universe. Successors and descendants Kubera have received a precept to support a sort of the first forefather, which the mankind began to name the Kumir or the Alive God. Maintenance of a sort consists in marriages between lineal descendants of the forefather in whom qualities of the Alive God were most strongly shown.

 Ancient people have received instructions, proceeding from which, Kumirs should keep the Sacred Source on the river Kubr, using underground drinking water. With current of centuries automatically there was a new Kumir from sort Kubera which independently realized the device of the world and the role in this process even in case of loss of legends of the last generations. Besides for it come Kubera constantly watch from the outside whole many moderators of our virtual world. Moderators referred to as ancient people Yakshs, and subsequently began to refer to as angels or angels – keepers. Yakshs, in process of the opportunities, cover members of clan Kubera from adverse events, accidents, techno and anthropological factors and other misfortunes.





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