Shiva Lingam Spewed First DNA On Earth

In August 2011,A Meteorite Shower took place in Alaska, USA. NASA, on analyzing it, found that there were DNAs inside it. From the Indian Sacred texts, it s gleaned that ancient Hindus knew Genetic Engineering, Cloning. The Shiva Linga initially must have been a Meteorite. And as it came down it came to earth with DNAs spewing out of it.

In August 2011,A Meteorite  Shower took place in Alaska, USA.


NASA, on analyzing it, found that there were DNAs inside it.



From the Indian Sacred texts, it s gleaned that ancient Hindus knew Genetic Engineering, Cloning.


The Shiva Linga initially must have been a Meteorite.


And as it came down it came to earth with DNAs spewing out of it.


I am producing excerpt from a research paper below.


Shiva Lingam .Image.jpg.
Shiva Lingam .


Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...
Animation of the structure of a section of DNA. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling strands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Consider the points of similarity between D.N.A. and Shiva.

It is well known that Shiva is Ugra and his name also is Ugra. Ugra means an acid. D.N.A. is also an acid. Vedanta calls that Hiranyagarbha as Sutratma.

Sutratma means an Atma in the form of Sutra i.e. a thread or filament.

The modern science admits that a DNA molecule is really like a thread or filament.

“In a single human germ-cell this filament of DNA is about one metre in length”, says Watson in his book ‘The Double Helix’.

The Yoga-science calls it Mahan, the great. It is really great because it is present in all the living things.

Its molecular weight is one million, so the scientists call it ‘great’. It has no birth. It develops from itself. DNA also duplicates, that means develops from itself. Mr. J. D. Watson describes this as ‘self replication’.

Sankhya calls it Vichitrarupa i.e. fantastically shaped. DNA also is fantastically shaped like a spiral staircase or Helix.

Sankhya calls it Vishvatma meaning the Soul of the Universe.

Modern science admits that DNA is the soul or the essential thing of the living world.

 It is named as Ekakshara, the immortal, the one who has no denudation, no loss, no end. DNA has no end, no loss – it duplicates or replicates itself, giving rise to itself.

Thus all these seven points tally.

It is said that Ahankar is developed form Hiranyagarbha.

Ahankara literarily means a shape, which can call itself as ‘I’ (Aham). A Gene, Chromosome and Nucleus are developed from DNA, all of which can call themselves as I or myself.

From this Nucleus, a cell is formed, so the nuclear material is named as Prajabeeja.

From this First cell many cells develop by multiplication. These millions of cells are Praja and the one from which all these originate is Prajapati.

All these cells are microscopic, therefore they are named as Sukshma-Bhuta-Srushti, (the microscopic or unicellular living world). Here, we can include virus, bacteria and all single-celled organisms.

A cell itself appears as a ‘Pindi’. The cell is Salunka, while its nucleus the Bana.

It is said that after the microscopic world, the visible world (Sthula Srushti) came into being.

This visible world contains five sense organs and the mind.

This is true to the modern science, which accepts that in the remote past, only single-celled organisms were present. Eventually, a number of cells

grouped together to form a society with division of labour – thus developing many systems and sense organs of a single multicellular living organism.

In this way a world of multicellular living beings came into existence…

Details of Shiva-Lingam.


There is a central pillar, the Bana, surrounding which there is Salunka.


Spiraling around the Bana there is a cobra or snake. There is Tripunda Gandha, a special mark on forehead.


This special mark is really a special.


It appears to be a picture of a snake spiralling around an axis.


It looks like a spring. This shape resembling a spring is very important.


We know that the DNA molecule is a Helix


. The modern scientists compare it with a spiral staircase, and call it a Double Helix, while the ancient sages have compared it with a spiral of cobra.


The cobra takes support of Bana. DNA takes support of nucleus.


The ancient comparison depends more on reduplication.


The reduplication of DNA fibre mimics the copulation of the snakes.


The snake is a living thing like DNA; but the staircase is not living.


The modern scientists (Watson and Crick) have prepared a model in 1953 of a spiral staircase to depict DNA molecule; while the ancient sages have


prepared a model to depict the same DNA and that model is the Shiva-Lingam.


To have the sense of life in that model, they thought of the spirals of a cobra and to make it reach a common man, they put forth an idea of Tripunda


Gandha, a sacred mark drawn on the forehead with our three Fingers dipped in the Sandal-wood-paste. 



 The Nucleic Acids are formed of four parts known as Mononucleotides.


The four heads of Lord Shiva are the same four parts.


Shiva is described to have three eyes.


Each Mononucleotide has three parts viz. phosphoric Acid, Sugar and Base.



The four heads of Shiva face towards the four directions.


In the comparatively simple Ribonucleic Acid, RNA, its four Mononucleotides are at four sides.


These nucleotides are Adenine, Guanine, Uracil and Cytosine.



 At some places the Mahabharata describes that Shiva has four heads, at other places it is said that Shiva has five heads, still other places mention that He has thousands of heads


. I think that as the research progressed the number of heads went on increasing.


The modern science has passed through the same phase


 First it discovered two Purines, Adenin and Guanine, plus two Pyrimidines, Cytosine and Uracil, in the molecule of DNA.


Hence they called it as ‘Tetramononucleotide’.


Then some researcher found out that Thymine is present in some DNA molecules, instead of Uracil.


So the concept of Tetra-Mono-Nucleotide (Chaturmukha) dissolved and that of Penta-Mono-nucleotide (Panchmukha) came up.


As the research progressed further, the scientists found out two thousand mononucleotides establishing the concept of Sahasra-Shirsha,


Thousands of heads. Now-a-days only four mononucleotides are supposed to be the bases of DNA.


A single human germ cell DNA contains 10 raised to the power of 9 (ten raised to nine) base pairs.


So the sages appear to be correct. We should not wonder about comparisons made with the human parts like head, eyes etc by the ancient sages;


because Noble Laureate Watson also has compared the sugar-phosphate linkage with the back-bone, in his book


‘ The Double Helix’. Such a comparison is not unscientific because it is essential for a common man to understand the subject.




Vedic Seals.Image.jpg
Vedic Seals.




Demonstrating one of the decoded hymns of the Rig Veda Dr Trivedi explained, “The Tvasta (as the DNA is referred to in the Rig Veda) that gives shape to all creatures is termed as an omni form (visvarupa) and it proves that DNA is present in all living beings.

The same hymn goes further and identifies the ‘Brhaspati’ which is the nucleus embedded in the DNA. Similarly, there are codes for photosynthesis, the development of eukaryotic cell, bio-geo chemical cycle, oxidation, and reduction, and even global warming, which is elucidated in Atharva Veda, which is what comes at the end of consumption of the world’s resources.


Shiva Lingam by PV Vartak

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  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsYou almost mirrored my thoughts on Shiva Linga and its possible origins. Anyway, my belief is that what we call religion today was probably science in those ancient times. Yes, Shiva Linga was possibly a “Sperm Bank” of DNA material that came from a another celestial system.


  2. You are trying to relate whatever you studied in Sanskrit with this research report which is NOT at all correct.


    However Siva Lingam (சிவலிங்கம், சத்திலிங்கம், இலிங்கம்) all are representation of living atom (உயிரணு)…. the shape of the atom when split.

    Sanskrit can never give you real relevance Please read pathinensiddhar’s or siddhar’s (பதினெண்சித்தர் அ சித்தர்) articles in TAMIL.


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