Haunted Campus Buildings.My experience with the Paranormal.

One can not dismiss these things totally untrue.

I have two experiences .

It was in 1968 -69 in Chennai,India where I completed my Graduation and i was a hostel student.

One of my friends, who had a house near by vacated his house and joined the hostel.

On being asked why he replied that his house was haunted and that his parents have shifted to Bangalore and   to continue his studies he had joined the hostel.

About four of us went to the said House along with the one who said his house was haunted after watching a late night movie.

Around 1 am, (Ido not recollect the exact time), we had all the glass panes of the windows closed and had the doors of the house locked( we were in the first floor room of the house).

After about 15-30 minutes Jasmine Scent wafted through the air.

It was followed by the figure of a lady floating through the glass pane.

Needless to say we ran to the hostel for cover and one my friends had an attack of Fever for several days.

Another instance.

I went to Sabarimala,Kerala, as a Pilgrimage.

This place is revered to be Abode of Lord Ayyappa and one has to undergo strict  Discipline( non-Hindus also visit the place) before embarking on the pilgrimage.(1970)

We stayed in a place ,Pampa.After morning rituals we noticed that an elderly man of about Eighty  in a small temporary shelter( every one has to make one) ,sitting in front of the photo of Lord Ayyappa,exhorting and crying that he be allowed to visit the sanctum sanctorum(which is about 2 km up the hill) for he was informed in the dream that he need not come to the sanctum sanctorum.

After about 15 – 20 minutes, a man from the people around us stood up and stood in front of the crying man and informed him “I shall give my Vision here for you’

The crying man asked him as to who he was and what authority he had to speak to him thus.

The man straightened and said”if it is true I am God ,I shall show my Vision in my true form here this evening at 6-40( the time the Vision in the form of a Light appears every year).

Then he started running through the river up-stream towards the sanctum.

We were instructed by our Guru to chase him.

Five or  six of us(those who followed him were by no means ardently devout or deeply religious and are practical men from fields like marketing,Accountancy),chased him and found it difficult to catch up with the man who was around fifty years and we  were in the age group of 20 -30.

Eventually we caught up with him, caught his hands and asked him to come with us to meet our Guru.

He straightened and said ‘Who can call Me?”-

Next ,

Our hands were clutching thin air and the man simply vanished.

I am qualified in Philosophy and Psychology and a hard-core Management Professional with a Skeptic outlook on Spirituality.(only of late I have become an Advaitin by conviction)

Till date I am unable to comprehend what took place around 40 years ago with all my Analytical Skills and logic)


Plenty of college campuses have creepy spots. Desolate library stacks, bathrooms that no one uses, and dark pathways have been giving college kids the willies for years. But there are some spots that are bona fide haunted, with a history to prove it. Read on to learn about 10 campus buildings that are more than just a little creepy.

  1. Jennings Hall, Bennington College: This building now houses the music department of Bennington college, and students have often witnessed paranormal activity. It was the inspiration for The Haunting of Hill House, a Shirley Jackson novel. Strange voices, footsteps, and instruments that play themselves have been heard. The area Bennington College is located in is known as “Bennington Triangle” where many people went missing between 1920 and 1950.
    1. Strayer College: The Strayer College building in Bensalem, Pennsylvania is the former site of Eastern State School and Hospital. The building is rumored to be haunted by patients who were killed or treated unfairly. Figures follow people, doors slam shut to trap people inside, and the former morgue is cold and breezy even without windows. The 4th floor is believed to be especially treacherous, so much so that it’s life threatening.
    2. Pemberton Hall, Eastern Illinois University: At Pemberton Hall, a girl was brutally murdered and raped by a psychotic janitor. The hall is now haunted, with doors mysteriously locking after young girls enter, bloody footprints, and clocks that turn back in time. Music plays from the piano the victim played on, even though the entire floor is boarded up.
    3. Alpha Theta House, Dartmouth College: The Alpha Theta fraternity house experienced a boiler explosion and fire, killing fraternity brothers and their female companions. These spirits are said to haunt the house, particularly in the house basement, which is the remaining original structure.
    4. Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority House, Ohio University: This sorority house was once a private residence and a stop on the Underground Railroad. It was stormed when locals found out that the owner was harboring fugitive slaves, and a slave named Nicodemus was shot there. He has since haunted the house, which has passed hands among several Greek groups in the university, presumably due to the disturbances.
    5. Sage College of Albany Fine Arts/Graphic Design Building: Sage College of Albany’s Graphic Design building is located in a former children’s orphanage, and has ghosts from the children who died in a fire set by the caretaker. Numerous ghosts can still be heard in the building.
    6. Baylor University Library: Baylor University’s library has some original works from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, with a statue in her likeness in front of the building. The statue’s arms are said to move, and she has been seen peering inside the top floor window. She may also be seen walking the halls at night in a white gown holding a candle.
    7. Graceland House, Davis & Elkins College: In the Graceland House, a slave was beaten to death and buried in the dirt floor basement, and may still be there. This house has noises and feelings of being watched or followed, so badly that a prom held there had to be shut down.
    8. Shelton Hall, Boston University: This dorm was once a Sheraton Hotel overlooking the Charles River and Fenway Park. Before it became a dorm, playwright Eugene O’Neill lived and subsequently died in room 401. He now haunts that floor, which the school reserves for writing students.
    9. Texas Tech University Water Tower: On the coldest night of the year in Lubbock, 5-6 young men can be seen on the top catwalk going around the water tank. They will stay up all night as if spending the night. This sighting has happened each year from around 1949 on.


4 responses to “Haunted Campus Buildings.My experience with the Paranormal.”

  1. When you mentioned the story of Ayappa, I remembered a story of an old man (Varkari) who used to live here in Pune many many years ago! People here say that he would always perform the annual Vari.

    A group of people carry the paduka of Sant Dnyaneshwar & Sant Tukaram and gather at Pandharpur every year on Aashaada Ekadashi. This old man, due to ill health was unable to perform the vari that year and Pandarinath, Sri Vithoba came to him and gifted him an idol of Vithoba. This idol is still present in a temple at Nana peth, Pune.

    Such is the greatness of divinity. Many won’t believe these stories but people who have been close to divinity will believe it for sure!

    Hare Krsna!


  2. Interesting stories you experienced. It seems like you are spiritually blessed. I think I close myself off because I am afraid of why might happen.


    • When you are ready you will open up for new experiences.
      And,as you honestly admit that you are afraid(this is the case with all of us,tough most of us put up a brave face).there is nothing to be afraid of Ghosts, for the following reasons.
      The fact that we know ‘we are afraid’- indicates that ‘something’ is observing that we are afraid.
      So, the Real ‘Me’ is not afraid .
      Secondly these Ghosts have a disadvantage in that they do not have a body to fulfill their desires,that is the reason they manifest.
      As a matter of fact they are at once jealous and afraid of us.
      As with dealing animals one must not express fear or even feel it(this comes by willful thought process).
      Even a Ferocious Dog,(chained of course,that is when I have tried) when they look menacing, if one looks at them squarely in the eye lowers its eyes own and starts wagging its tail.
      Animals can sense fear.
      So are the Ghosts.
      As to the point, who is the ‘Real me,I am still searching me.
      Some useful information may be found in Indian Philosophy and I have posted couple of posts on this.


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