Why Samskaras Are to be Performed

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Anything which occurs in Nature needs to be processed to suit Human needs, be it Fruits, Vegetables,Pulses,Water and even the things which we use in our daily lives.

Gold,Diamond and the like also need to be processed to before they are used.

Similarly Human Birth also needs cleansing.

A child is born out of the union of the parents and the child would definitely have their influences both biological and psychological.

Apart from this, according to Indian Philosophy, every action begets equivalent and opposite reaction in the individual, be it an action performed at the mental,physical and even at the Speech level.

All and any of these actions produce a set of  feelings, emotions and anxiety with them.

The actions and the reactions in the mind,  all being forms of energy can not be destroyed  or denied.

These stick to the individual as dust settles on things over a period of time.

These determine one’s dispositions towards Life and direct one’s behavior while facing Life.

These tendencies are given the name ‘Samskaras’

These may be good or bad form an empirical point of view.

To clean the individual the Rites are prescribed by the Sastras.

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